What Exactly is an X Mom?

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So one of the cool things about writing a blog is that you can see all kinds of fun stats. For example, we know how many people view the site every day (and I’d like to personally thank all four of you!) (kidding), or what other links people clicked on to get here. And my personal favorite, what search words led people here.

One phrase that comes up over and over again is “X Mom.” Now I just have to wonder–what exactly is an X Mom? I mean, what is it that people are looking for when they run that search? Does it have to do with, you know, that activity that results in children? But then why would one be looking under X Mom and not, say, Triple X Mom?

Or is it shorthand for Ex-Mom? Like you were a mom but your kids moved out, so you’ve divorced the motherhood role and are now an Ex Mom. And you’d like to find other Ex Moms on the internet, but for some reason you leave out the E in Ex?

Or my personal favorite–what about an X Man type of X Mom. I mean sure, we don’t have some sort of mutant gene, so nobody shoots laser beams out of their eyes or walks through walls or slices and dices with knives that come out of our knuckles (although that would be seriously handy in the kitchen), but we all are kind of superheroes in our own way, right? We take these helpless little creatures and somehow guide them into a life trying to maximize their ability to be productive citizens while minimizing the amount of time they’ll spend in jail. That’s pretty supertastic to me.

When I was younger and people would ask what superpower I’d like to have if I could, I’d always say that I’d like to fly. And I still think that would be cool. Being invisible would be handy as well. But now the superpower I wish I could have? I wish I could keep Mouse safe forever. I wish I could protect him from boo-boos, large and small. I wish I could snap my fingers and he’d never feel sad. I wish I could give him everything this life has to offer. I wish I could wrap him in a bubble so he’d never be sick. I wish I could protect his heart from never being broken. I wish…

There are so many things I could do with that superpower, but really, that’s not what’s good for him anyway. We all need to know what it’s like to feel sad so we can understand what happiness really is. We all need to get some boo-boos here and there so we can learn how to keep ourselves safe. We all need to fail sometimes so we can learn the satisfaction that hard work brings. And we all need our hearts broken so that we know true love when we find it.

You’re not going to find an X Mom here. But you will find a bunch of moms with superpowers–the power of devotion, perseverance, and love. And really, that’s exactly the superhero our kids need.

Although it would be pretty awesome to be able to fly.

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