Books, Books, and More Books

Goose is a major bookworm, something that pleases me to no end. I was an early and quick reader and tore through books almost faster than my parents and library could provide them (always made a killing on free pizzas thanks to Book It!) and I knew before Goose was born that I wanted to instill in her a huge love for books. My husband and I started reading to Goose when she was just a few weeks old, although she didn’t show major interest until closer to her first birthday. From that point on, she hardly played with her toys, preferring to shove a book at me instead. These days she will show a passing interest in her play food, Duplos, or musical instruments, but it’s never long before I hear her squeaky little demanding “WEAD!” and I must oblige.

Baby Goose reads That's Not My Kitten

Goose’s early favorites were the That’s Not My… series by Usborne Books. She really enjoyed the different textures on the pages, meant to represent things like fur, rough paw pads, dinosaur scales, or bumpy teeth. Sometimes she would touch her toes to the material, or even lick it! I appreciated how the books felt sturdy, were nice and bright, and could hold up to copious amounts of drool from a teething baby. Goose’s all-time top two books from the infant days were Baby Boo and All About Me (the latter still being one of her favorites – I guess my kid is vain), both of which have a cute rhythm that make them fun to read even 100 times a day.

Lately we are really enjoying Karen Katz’s books like Counting Kisses, Ten Tiny Tickles, and Daddy Hugs. Goose always makes us kiss or tickle the corresponding body parts, and Counting Kisses is a good bedtime book, starting with “my tired little baby, do you need a kiss?” and ending with “now it’s time for baby’s bed”. Katz also has board books with thin wood pages that can really take a beating from the toddler set. We have Baby’s Shapes and Baby’s Colors and both are in great condition even though they have been very well loved. Our latest acquisition is a pocket-sized board book version of The Monster at the End of This Book, which truth be told, hasn’t really captured Goose’s interest yet, but I love it purely for nostalgic reasons since I had a copy when I was a kid.

Toddler Goose

Our collection is rounded out with classics like Goodnight Moon, a handful of Eric Carle books, a few pocket-sized Dr. Seuss books (The Foot Book is a favorite), and almost the entire Sandra Boynton oeuvre, which I can recite in my sleep. Goose doesn’t yet have the attention span to sit for my personal favorite series, Little Pea, Little Hoot, and Little Oink, all of which are adorably illustrated and use a little reverse psychology to get the message across. Little Pea has to eat nothing but candy for dinner, and he hates it. He struggles through a few bites at his parents’ request in order to earn his dessert – spinach! Similarly, Little Hoot hates having to stay up all night, and Little Oink hates having to be dirty all the time. I wholeheartedly recommend this series to anyone with an older toddler or preschooler.

Stuck under the jumperoo with a good book

With Goose closing in on 20 months old, we are in the market for some new books. At this point, she isn’t quite ready for paper pages, as evidenced by her immediate destruction of Once Upon a Potty the second we handed it to her. Flap books are generally a no-no too unless they are rather sturdy. GenXmoms readers, what are your favorite books from birth to preschool?

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