How I “Scar”ed My Daughter

Today’s post was contributed by Kelli, a guest blogger from our moms group.

My sweet daughter is four years old and very shy. As a stay-at-home mom, I have had the pleasure of spending every day with her, watching her grow and develop. I thought I’d done a pretty good job of raising her until June 5th, when I “Scar”ed her (perhaps for life!) by taking her to see the stage version of the Lion King.

It all started when my best friend called at 8:30AM to say they had an extra pair of tickets to that day’s 2PM performance and would I like to take Minnie. I did have a passing thought, “I wonder if Minnie is too young for the show”, but I shoved it down. Perhaps I should have listened to my inner voice but the temptation was too great. I thought to myself, ”Well, my older son and I loved it, so Minnie will love it too” and agreed to the fun-filled day. Besides, Minnie’s best friend was also coming, she’d have company.

Lion King

Our seats were this close!

I also accepted the responsibility of transporting Granny across town. Minnie and I left for Los Angeles, giving ourselves three hours to pick up Granny and get back down to the theatre in Orange County. I wanted to make sure we did not to miss the magnificent opening number, “Circle of Life”. The day quickly went downhill as we hit traffic and accident after accident, and we didn’t arrive until 2:01PM (STRIKE 1!).

As we literally ran to the theatre from the parking structure, we bumped into the other family we were meeting there, who were also late. Sadly, Minnie’s BFF had come down with a fever and was not coming (STRIKE 2!). Since we were late we had to wait in the lobby, watching the incredible opening song on a large flat screen monitor.

After 15 minutes, we were allowed to enter the dark theatre to find our seats while the play was continuing. I knew we had good seats but was pleasantly surprised when the usher took my ticket and lead us to the second row of the orchestra section, about 15 feet from the stage! We slowly inched our way across the row of people to take our seats almost directly behind the conductor. What a treat!

Unfortunately, the first character my little one sees is Scar, the big bad lion in the show (STRIKE 3 – YOU’RE OUT!). This did not go over well. She immediately jumped into my lap. Then she started to cry quietly. I suggested she cover her eyes and relax since Scar would be gone soon. She didn’t. She got louder and louder until she was yelling, “GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!!!” I gathered her up and moved back across the row of people we had just disturbed and took Minnie back into the lobby to settle her down. I really wanted to see this show and was upset she was crying so loud (and mad at myself for the three strikes).

The sweet ushers brought us a chair to watch the musical from the monitor in the lobby and offered to exchange our tickets, but Minnie was having none of that. She was sweaty and her heart was racing. There was no way I was going to get her back into that theatre. She was truly “scar”ed of Scar and I figured I had just given her fodder for a therapy session in the future, “and then there was the time my mom took me to see the Lion King….”

After her dedicated father left his golf game to pick up our terrified child, I was able to go back to my 80 dollar seat (times 2) and catch the second act of this gorgeous play. The music, the costumes, the singing; all were top-notch. But it was hard to enjoy it knowing I had stressed out my sweet princess to the point of complete panic. Next time I will listen to that little voice in my head and in my heart and not scare my four-year-old with Scar!!!

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Kelli!