Today's Blog is Brought to You by the Letter A and the Number 10

My girls are really big readers, which means I spend a lot of time reading to them.  So, when I found a book that they both love and that I enjoy even after 100 readings, I knew I had to share it with you. 

Even though the girls are only 22 months apart, their attention spans are obviously very different. And, while The Big Cheese is excitedly spelling out the words on the pages in her books, Bugster only wants to look at the pictures and talk about them.  This makes it challenging when I’m trying to find a book that I think they will both equally enjoy. I recently hit the jackpot when I picked up a copy of Sesame Street Treasury for them.


This is a 40th anniversary compilation of some of the best print media that Sesame Workshop has ever put out. It is a collection of short stories, poems, songs, and even a play.  The reason I enjoy this book so much? It’s a compilation that blends the best of the new with the best of the old.

The book opens with “People In Your Neighborhood,” originally published in 1971.I don’t know about you, but I grew up on Sesame Street. I still remember the melody to this song from when I watched as a preschooler. Does this classic 70s segment bring back any memories?

Two entries later, and we’re at “Zoe’s Penny” from 1997. It’s a preschool twist on “The Gift of the Magi” and features two of the girls’ favorite characters, Zoe and Elmo, who both came along after my days of watching Sesame Street had ended. 

There are recipes reprinted from Sesame Street magazine (we tried one a couple weeks ago for apple dippers and have vowed to make it again because it was so delicious – and clever!)

My favorite piece is one that I remember reading as a kid, entitled “How to Be a Grouch.”  It’s Oscar’s instruction manual, and it makes me laugh out loud, even now.  Where do grouches live? In trash cans, old cars and houses, “or even in yucchy beautiful houses!”

It’s only fair that I include a plug for The Big Cheese’s favorite piece, too.  It’s “Brought to You by the Letter A,” starring Grover as a very obnoxious train conductor.  The story is full of references to things that begin with the letter “A,” of course, and the illustrations are full of extras that begin with “A.” I also should tell you that The Big Cheese has never been a huge Sesame Street fan.  Sure, she loves the characters, and she has seen a fair number of episodes, but it has never really held her interest the way a lot of other shows do.  This hasn’t stopped her from fighting over the Treasury with Bugster (one of the biggest Elmo fans you could ever meet!)

The illustrations are eye-catching and vibrant, and each entry is the treasury is illustrated in a different style than the one before it, so it keeps them all fresh and entertaining. 

The book is square, so neither girl has trouble carrying it or holding it on her lap, even though it is 160 pages long.  Another plus in my book! (no pun intended, I swear!)

I can’t recommend this book highly enough for any toddlers and preschoolers in your life. Oh, and did I mention the cover price is only $9.99?