Deal Alerts! Be in the Know

Ever decide you want to buy something at one of your favorite stores only to find out you missed a great sale by a week? Did the free shipping promotion end just yesterday? I really, really, hate paying retail for anything other than a one-of-a-kind item so I take advantage of deal alerts offered via e-mail by most of the well-known retailers and even some smaller companies. Here’s how you can stay in the know and save a few bucks.

Make a list of all your favorite places to shop. If they have websites, chances are pretty good you can visit their sites and sign up for their e-mail lists. Sometimes, let’s face it, you get mail from these stores that are of no interest to you BUT this is also how you receive notice of any pending sales, giving you an advantage over others and first dibs at the sale merchandise which could sell out quickly. You will also get handy promotion codes for free shipping and additional discounts. Many times I have been excited to find out about a sale from a catalog in the snail mail only to be crushed that the stuff advertised in it is already taken in my size. I don’t get my mail until 4 and I live on the west coast. By the time I get mail, the east coast folks have already shopped their hearts out. It’s so much better to know about the sale ahead of time. If you are flexible with your store choice and simply want to see who has a deal going on right now, check with a site like or

Got too much mail in your inbox already? Set up a separate account just for store e-mails. Another option is to become a fan of the store on face book and receive alerts that way. Depending on the number of stores on your list, though, this could potentially clog your news feed. For this reason, I prefer the e-mail account. I check it at my leisure and often find out about sales ahead of time. Like the one going on over at Land’s End – got some great quality tees for my kid at half off!  And I never pay shipping. Works for me!

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