Birthday Bliss

Rocky is now officially 5. On his mid-week birthday, he sported a big button announcing his birthday boy status at school. His teacher added a crown and a sticker to his wardrobe so there was no mistaking just whose birthday it was on that day. My beaming child came home from school to find his grandparents from New Mexico had arrived for a visit. That night we ventured out to his favorite restaurant, Buca di Beppo, where he sat at the kitchen table (something he always wanted to do). If you’ve never been to this chain restaurant, everyone who eats there has to walk by this table to get to the dining rooms. My son was sure to point out his button and wave to the other guests as if he was royalty. The waiters (along with unsuspecting guests who happened to be in the kitchen at the right moment) sang, there were candles and a special dessert. In the age of digital photos, our children will likely expect every monumental moment of their lives to be recorded for all time. This time, I dropped the ball. Sorry, kid, no photos of your princely debut.

I got a chance to redeem myself the following Saturday when we hosted a space party at our house. Everyone we invited came and it was a feat to fit so many guests in our townhouse but we did it! We had a giant rocket piñata, a parachute game, a space cake and lots of food from Corner Bakery. We took out every space related toy and then some. And play doh. If all else fails, play doh to the rescue. Ditto balloons. Fortunately, things went pretty smoothly except for the fact that Rocky refused to don the NASA flight suit we got him for the occasion.

Let me just say if you are planning to host a party at home, it was WAY more work than I anticipated. So many details to remember. I really hope he can recall at least some of it when he’s older. I’m glad we were able to fulfill his request for a party at home but maybe next year I’ll have to talk Rocky into going to a bounce house or bowling alley. Perhaps just a special day. This may be tricky as he’s already requested another giant piñata from my parents next year – a clock!  Now that is random.

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