WANTED: Patience

As I prepared to sit down and write today’s post, I couldn’t think of a topic because someone was screaming about something, and I was getting mad. All I could think about was how hard it is to find a few minutes of peace when the girls are awake. Then, it hit me this was the topic for my blog post: patience. I am trying to teach my children how important it is to have some, but lately I find myself almost entirely without it. I have been applying for part-time jobs, and I check email incessantly throughout the day, hoping for a response. Any restaurant with a wait of more than 15 minutes is crossed off my list.Tantrums during diaper changes used to be brushed off as part of raising a toddler; lately, they are leaving me frustrated and upset. I need to find some patience. Parents need patience more than most people, I think. And, I don’t really have any right now.  

Our kids are learning tons of new stuff every day. So much that we take for granted what is new and exciting for them. And, if your kids are like The Big Cheese, they want to talk about each new discovery over and over and over again. This is all part of the learning process for them, and I know that. Some days, though, it is a lot harder to remember than others. Like the days when Bugster decides to add to the mix. She just turned 18 months, and this is what I call “The Magical Age.” It is when tantrums and willfully disobeying begin in full force, in my experience. Not to disappoint, the Bugster has been acting her age lately. But, that’s what I am working hard to remember: she is 18 months old. That’s it. There are so many things she doesn’t know, and, what she is learning, she is learning so quickly, it is hard to process. So, in my attempts to find patience, I am trying to sit back, take a deep breath, and remind myself that my kids are wonderful, wonderful kids. And I am lucky to be their mom.  Now, if only I could actually find that patience . . .

Random Tuesday Thoughts

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I would definitely describe myself as a patient person.  If someone is driving slow in front of me I usually just slow down as well unless I’m late for something.  I also have no problem waiting in lines at the grocery store, at the gas station or even the bank.  It doesn’t bug me like it does most people.  Maybe its because I’m genuinely a laid back person.  But there is one thing that absolutely infuriates me, when you are in a large crowd and everyone is walking forward and the one person that is in front of you STOPS.  Why do they do this?  Do they not see or notice that they are in a people highway and that the proper thing to do is to pull out of traffic if they need to stop?  I wouldn’t slam on the brakes on the 5 freeway to have a look at the store next to the highway, why is this any different?  I think I need to start issuing tickets.


What is it about MTV crap television shows that suck me in like heroine?  Its like I know deep down inside that I am way too old for this crappy television programming, however I just can’t seem to take it out of my DVR.  Yes I do know who LC, Snookie and bad girl Kristin are.  It’s such terrible TV that I wont let my 12 year old watch it, but I keep going back for more.  What’s even worse is I find myself talking about them to some of my friends as if I actually know them!  It drives my husband crazy, if there’s one surefire way to get him to leave the room, its to put an episode of the Hills on.


My son’s room is ALWAYS messy.  I’m not sure what I am doing wrong.  We have tried everything except cleaning it ourselves.  In fact, when he went away for the weekend about 6 months ago we gutted the room so he could start from scratch.  I don’t understand why its so hard to put something away.  If it has a place, put it back.  I was a very messy girl, I remember making trails from the door to my bed so my mom could tuck me in at night, I can only hope he will outgrow it like I did.

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