Works For Me Wednesday: Flylady

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When I was a working mom I had a cleaning lady.  Oh how I longed for those Friday afternoons, coming home from work, the house smelling like Pine-sol, the floors could be eaten off of and all the sheets were crisp and clean.  Then I decided to stay home with my kids, which meant a lot of cost-cutting, and that meant getting rid of the cleaning lady!  I figured sure, no problem, I can be my own cleaning lady.  Every other week on Friday I’ll clean the house top to bottom as if I was her.  Did that become my reality?  Of course not.  Several months later I found myself swimming in piles of laundry, sleeping on 3 week dirty sheets and piles of dishes in the sink.  Checkmate… the house won.

The Flylady

Enter Flylady.

The Flylady (a term coin for Finally Loving Yourself), is a website and email list that helps you build little habits.  You start with a very simple task, go shine your sink.  It sounds way too basic to make any difference, however, going to bed, with a clean kitchen really did make a big difference.  Next, get dressed to your shoes in the morning.  It works like that, every step you’re adding little habits to your routine.  You’re not going crazy and cleaning for hours on end, its based on little tidbits every day and the 15 minutes of XYZ.  You can do anything for 15 minutes.  Turn on the timer and declutter for 15 minutes, voila, a clean countertop.  One of my favorite says, “a load a day, keeps the chaos at bay”.  I no longer has Mount Rushmore next to my laundry basket.  Nope every morning, after I’m showered, dressed to my shoes, and my bed is made, I throw in a load of laundry.  When the load is done, I reward myself with sitting on the couch and watching some tv while folding clothes.

But be forewarned, don’t try to do all the habits at once.  Go to the Flying lessons and “start here” .  Baby steps, baby steps.  This really has worked for me, anyone can stop in at my house and I’m ok with it, just don’t judge all the toys all over my front room.  Too bad she doesn’t have a flylady for toddlers!!

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