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In case you hadn’t heard yet, a North Carolina middle school teacher got in trouble. For writing “loser” on a student’s assignment. Yes, you read that correctly. Loser. Not once, but twice.

Apparently, he was “just joking”. Um. Yeah, that’s it.

You can google “Teacher Writes “Loser” on Student’s Paper” and 3 million articles/posts/ links will come up, but I will make it easy for you. Here is one article. And for those too lazy to go read it, here it is:

“A North Carolina middle school teacher is in the hot seat over his controversial style of teaching. Rex Roland teaches sixth graders at Enka Middle School in Candler, N.C. Patty Clement says her child was repeatedly bullied by Roland in class and she wants it to stop. Clement says on a November vocabulary assignment Roland wrote the word “loser” after correcting the paper. Just a few weeks ago, another graded assignment made its way home, and at the top of the page was the word “loser” underlined twice. The Buncombe County School District released a statement saying that this is a personnel matter that’s being looked into. It’s important to note that some parents defend Roland’s teaching style saying its his way of relating to his students. None would go on camera with us.”

My only question is: When is this idiot being fired?

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