Conveniently Green: No More Paper Towels

Would you believe me if I said I use almost no paper towels?

Of course you would. It’s Conveniently Green, after all.

Here piggy piggy piggy!

What do I use instead? Old dishtowels. Those are one of the things I love when two independent-living people get married–the combination of household items. You’ve got your single-person set of dishes (the ones from the 70’s even your mother didn’t want anymore so she gave them to you for your first apartment), your bizarre array of silverware (Target meets more of Mom’s castoffs), your set of crappy knives since you haven’t gotten married yet and as such, don’t own a set of decent knives, and of course, your linens, and so does he. Combine the households, and you get a whole lot of ugly, mismatched, castoff household items just waiting to be locked in a closet.

I already had several dishtowels pre-Train Guy. He added his to our collection, and then we got some as a couple, and then we got married and finally got decent ones. Well, that’s not entirely true. The decent ones we got for our wedding got ruined and now we still don’t really have a set of decent ones. But what we do have is lots and lots and lots of mismatched ones. And those are the ones that have been turned into paper towels.

I'd love to blame the leaf ones on Train Guy but they were totally mine

Mine live in a drawer, apparently right underneath my keys and two random triangle crayons. When I need a paper towel, I grab an old dishtowel instead. When I’m done it goes right in the washing bag with the cloth napkins. Are they beautiful? Of course not. But like the cloth napkins, if you’re ripping off a piece of padded paper you’re going to use once and throw away, who are you to scoff at stained towels you’re going to use once and wash?

Conveniently Green: Just a little bit less!