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I don’t really like shoes.  I know that may seem like an odd thing for someone to say, but it’s the truth.  I am barefoot as much as possible, and when I do have to wear shoes, I am in my Reef flip flops over 90% of the time. (Yep, I have totally adapted to my SoCal climate.  Socks?  What are those?)  When I was working outside the home, I owned 3 pairs of high heels – one black pair, and two brown pair (and I only had 2 because of a BOGO promo at Payless).  I also own a pair of tennis shoes, and a few pair of dress sandals that I’ve gotten for various dressy outfits. 

Somehow, this awesome low-cost shoe attitude didn’t get passed on in my DNA.  My daughters are shoe addicts.  Bugster doesn’t even walk, yet.  But her shoe collection is vast. 

Bugster's vast collection

Bugster sees shoes and has an almost visceral reaction.  She starts to tremble with excitement and reaches out for them.  She sits on the floor and stretches her legs out in front of her, begging me with her eyes to please, please put those shoes on her feet.  (Bugster is also going through a wonderful shoe eating phase, but I’m just going to overlook that for now . .  .)  Yes, I have bought a lot of these shoes for her.  But little girl shoes are so stinkin’ cute!  And so cheap!  If I could get tennis shoes that were cute, comfy, and stylish for under $20, I would probably own a pair for each day of the week!

I know what you’re thinking: you have 2 girls; what’s the big deal?  I have heard that, as a rule, you shouldn’t hand shoes down because they form to your kids’ feet.  So, except for some special occasion shoes, I haven’t passed any of them down from one to the other.  I should get around to asking our pediatrician if that’s even true.  I imagine I will.  Someday.

Now, The Big Cheese can certainly walk, and she does more than her share of talking (more about that in a future post), so her reaction to shoes is very much a verbal one.  She sees shoes she wants, and she lets you know about it.  About a year ago, The Big Cheese saw a picture of some red Mary Janes in a book and declared that she wanted some just like it.  One phone call to Grandma, and 2 adorable pairs of red shoes arrived in the mail.  (Thanks, Grandma!  They really are cute!)  What is it about little girls’ shoes that has everyone wanting to buy them, including me?

Yep, The Big Cheese wears all of these!

And why, oh why, are my children obsessed with shoes?  There was a rough period where The Big Cheese insisted she had to have a pair of purple tennis shoes.  Unable to find any at a less than criminal price, I stalled.  And stalled.  Thankfully, the purple shoe obsession waned and she moved on to something else.  If this continues, I may have to send them to toddler rehab for shoe addiction – and myself to therapy for being an enabler!

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What’s In Your Purse?

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When is the last time you emptied your purse (or diaper bag as the case may be)?  I try to empty mine at least once a month but try is the operative word here.  Doesn’t always happen!  Whenever it’s been longer than that, Rocky and I like to make a game of it.  We just never know what treasures we will rediscover in mommy’s purse.  Here are just some of the things we found this week: 

  • Purple Mardi Gras beads we got from a parade in Disneyland several months back
  • A green toy dragon with one of its wings missing
  • An extra diaper (Rocky doesn’t wear diapers anymore!)
  • Stale, half-eaten cereal bar (eww)
  • Mickey Mouse pez dispenser
  • Extra ear buds for my iPod
  • Stamps!  (I knew I had some somewhere)
  • A coupon for a free breakfast at Chick-fil-a (score!)
  • A business card for a piano tuner (hey, I’ve been looking for that!)
  • A sorry-looking toy car without one of its wheels (why on earth did I keep this?)
  • Random plastic caps (to what I have no idea)
  • A bag of Chuck E. Cheese tokens (no wonder my purse was so heavy!)
  • A cool hand sanitizer pen I didn’t even know I had
  • Broken crayons that have been discoloring the inside of the purse (doh!)
  • Expired Neosporin (oops)
  • Clips and hair bands of various shapes and sizes (my hair is shorter now)
  • Baby hairbrush (no babies here)
  • Gorgeous postcards promoting Sprouts photography (shameless plug  – check it out)
  • Small flash drive containing Ben Folds Five music that my sister-in-law gave me (JACKPOT!)

    Things found in a mom's purse

    Things found in a mom's purse

I confess I just put that last thing in a few days ago but it was still a nice find.  Maybe I should leave it in there so I can discover it again next month!  Too bad Let’s Make a Deal isn’t on anymore.  I’m ready. 

BONUS TIP:  This is random and nothing to do with today’s post but I just wanted to pass on this tip I got from an uncle who works as a flight attendant.   Check this out if you have plans to fly with a young child in the future.  http://www.kidsflysafe.com/ 

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Single Friends

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I’m a mom, I think by now that goes without saying.  I am also married to a wonderful man, in fact, we just celebrated 6 years of wedded bliss this past Sunday.  We love to entertain and host parties, which usually consists of our married friends, not all of them have children, but most do have significant others.  I do miss one thing about these parties/get-togethers… my single friends.

Yes, I am 34, married and I have single friends.  Some of them over 10 years younger than me!  Why are my single friends so important to me?  Let me explain.  As a mom, sometimes you get a little relaxed.  You know what I’m talking about, maybe you’ve worn your hair back in a ponytail for over a week, the t-shirt stained with baby spit-up seems to be your daily uniform and your average conversation always seems to come full circle back to your kids.  I live in that reality everyday, and while I love my children and my family, it can get a bit, well… monotonous.

Now, my single friends on the other hand are on the prowl.  They keep their bodies tight,  their clothes oh so fashionable, and they could care less about children.  They don’t truly care whether or not little C is behind in his speech, or if Big E is doing well on his transition between elementary school and Junior High.  And to be honest, I find it very refreshing and humbling to be around people like that.  I so enjoy my nights out with my single friends.  It keeps me on my toes, I make sure I have the trendy outfit so I don’t stick out like a sore thumb and scream that I’m the married mom of the group.  It makes me remember to wax my eyebrows so that it doesn’t look like I have those black fuzzy caterpillars growing above my eyes, to cover the gray hair that started back when I was 25 and to dust off the cute high heels I once used to wear to show off my butt.  In a nutshell, it keep me on my game, which essentially keeps my husband a happy man.

I think every mom needs single friends.  And I’m not talking about the single, stay home and love their cats single girl, I’m talking about the single, hot, friday club going friends that keep you young and in-tune of what is cool.  I am pretty hip to begin with, and maintaining my friendship with my single friends keeps me there.  Just because they’re single doesn’t mean when you go out with them you need to be worried about other guys.  A good friend knows your taken and wont make you feel uncomfortable.  I have the best single friends in the world, and to be honest… I just might be sad when they get snatched up and hitched!

So lets all raise a martini glass and say cheers to those friends that are NOT plus one.

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Silent Sundays

Movies We Love – John Cusack

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Say Anything

Classic John Cusack Scene

Like most stay-at-home moms, I don’t get out to the movies much.  It is all about rentals these days and it’s just not the same. I do enjoy, however, reminiscing about the movies I saw in the theater in the days before my child was born.  Just for kicks I’ll pick an actor whose career has stood the test of time. Hmm. Let’s say John Cusack. I like him as an actor (TOTALLY disagree with his politics but that is a whole other blog!) and, as such, always thought he was underrated.  According to the IMBd, JC has been in 57 movies over the last 30 years or so. That’s impressive. So what’s your favorite John Cusack movie of all time? 

I am a bit conflicted. My first instinct was to say The Sure Thing. The scene where “Gib” and Daphne Zuniga had to hitch a ride with Tim Robbins and sing show tunes still makes me laugh. But then I remembered Better Off Dead.  Ooh and One Crazy Summer with Demi Moore. And the classic movie, Say Anything. Lloyd Dobler was offbeat but adorable. There are so many memorable quotes from that movie that several web sites such as this one have collected them. I liked this response to Lloyd’s plans for the future.

Lloyd Dobler: I don’t want to sell anything, buy anything, or process anything as a career. I don’t want to sell anything bought or processed, or buy anything sold or processed, or process anything sold, bought, or processed, or repair anything sold, bought, or  processed. You know, as a career, I don’t want to do that.

Here’s a bit of trivia I picked up recently. Did you know that Peter Gabriel’s song “In Your Eyes” was actually written for Roseanna Arquette whom he dated for a while? That was a total letdown for me. Toto also wrote the song “Roseanna” about her. Who knew the woman was such a muse?  Oh and the scene where Lloyd holds up the boom box outside of Diane’s window almost didn’t happen because Cusack thought it was just too cheesy to work. 

Moving on, I decided to just pick a few for each decade. I know it’s a cop-out but there were just so many I liked on the list. So for the 90s my first pick is Gross Pointe Blank. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend it. It is violent but in a funny way. Not a big Minnie Driver fan but she was good in it. The Grifters was excellent, too, though on the serious side. It was nominated for some Oscars but John himself wasn’t.  Boo. My third pick would be Being John Malkovich just because it was so darn quirky. I won’t even try to explain it, you have to see it for yourself. See if you can recognize Cameron Diaz in it.  

So that brings us into the 00s. My son was born in 2005 so I really never got to see all his movies in the theater for the whole decade but of the ones I did see I liked the comedy High Fidelity and John Grisham’s Runaway Jury.  I also thought Martian Child was endearing but didn’t see it in the theater so not sure if it should count.  

Next up my husband and I are anticipating his latest film called Hot Tub Time Machine. I think the name says it all! And guess what? It’s about the 80s! Who wouldn’t want to see a cool movie about the 80s?  Certainly not this Gen X mom. It comes out at the end of March. Perhaps it will be my first favorite for the 10s, let’s hope it doesn’t disappoint! Trailer for Hot Tub Time Machine 

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I Love My Mommy, But…

I love my mommy, but…she is always telling me what to do.

I love my mommy, but…I sometimes get scared when she is mad.

I love my mommy, but…I wish she would remember to bend down when she talks to me.

I love my mommy, but…I get upset when she doesn’t understand me.

I love my mommy, but…I hate when she makes me wait.

I love my mommy, but…she tries to make me sleep and I don’t like it.

I love my mommy, but…I don’t always want to go the places she wants to go.

I love my mommy, but…I have a hard time getting her attention when she is talking to others.

I love my mommy, but…it isn’t fair that I never get to be the boss.

I love my mommy, but…I can’t wait to be bigger.

Sometimes we moms forget what it is like to be a small child on the receiving end of things. So many decisions are out of his control and it is frustrating not to be able to do the things grown-ups take for granted. It is a challenge being a parent but it is also tough being a kid. Next time you are having a hard time with your little one, try switching your perspective. Putting yourself in your child’s shoes just might give you the insight you need to help keep your sanity.

The Librarian

***The Gen X Moms are no longer writing as a group (too many scheduling conflicts) but you can continue reading about my adventures with Rocky on my new blog at:



You know that little voice inside your head that scolds you when you do something wrong? The one that questions why you just did what you did? Mine used to say things like “Duh”, “Hope no one was looking” and “What was I thinking???” But once my child started talking regularly, my internal voice became drowned out by the external sound of my toddler. Some of those things I used to say only to myself were suddenly being spoken out loud by him. Many of my actions were being scrutinized and questioned. If you’ve ever had a little one, I’m sure you can relate. To the parents of a toddler to be, I give you fair warning. Be prepared to have everything you say or do observed and/or commented on. The good, the bad and, unfortunately, the ugly.And they remember.

Like once when I inadvertently opened an emergency exit door in a McDonald’s playground. Bells started to ring and it was a bit embarrassing but basically no big deal. To me that is. It left quite an impression on my boy.Two years later, his little voice still gives warning every time we’re out and he sees a suspicious looking door with a sign on it. “MOMMY,” he says, “DON’T OPEN THAT DOOR, IT IS ONLY FOR EMERGENCIES.” Should I venture just a little too close for comfort, the voice becomes increasingly frantic. “MOMMY, NO! DON’T OPEN THAT DOOR, YOU ARE GOING TO SET OFF THE ALARM LIKE YOU DID AT MCDONALD’S!

If I knock over a display at the grocery store (something I am prone to do), no longer can I non-chalantly walk away and pretend it didn’t happen. No, I can always count on an announcement to be made on the spot. “MOMMY, WHY DID YOU KNOCK THAT STUFF OVER? YOU SHOULD PICK IT UP, WHAT A MESS.” Sigh. Things that you might think but would never say out loud are just put out there like “MOMMY, THAT IS A REEEAAALLLY BIG PERSON, ISN’T IT?” Uh, sorry lady.

Then there is the parroting. Sometimes I hear myself in a positive light. “ABSOLUTELY MOMMY. IT WOULD BE MY PLEASURE TO DO THAT FOR YOU.” Sometimes not so much. “MOMMY, I TOLD YOU THAT BEFORE! WHAT DIDN’T YOU UNDERSTAND?”

Lately there has been a big push by children’s programming to make kids aware of environmental issues. So the little voice alerts me every time I leave a light on, leave the water running or leave the refrigerator open too long. Somehow we are also personally responsible for picking up every tiny piece of trash we see at the park. Thanks, Sesame Street. Too bad your lessons about eating your vegetables were a complete failure!

Should I want to be spontaneous and spend a little extra on lunches out or a new item of clothing, there is no hiding it from my spouse. As soon as he walks in the door there is a full report waiting. “GUESS WHERE MOMMY TOOK ME TODAY? WE WENT TO CHIC-FIL-A! AND WE WENT TO KOHLS. LOOK WHAT WE GOT!” Rats. The following week it’s “MOMMY FORGOT HER HOUSE KEYS AT THE YMCA AND WE HAD TO GO BACK AND I DIDN’T WANT TO”. Just yesterday he reported that “I PLAYED BY MYSELF THIS MORNING BECAUSE MOMMY DIDN’T WANT TO GET UP”. Fortunately, I am not the only one who hears the voice. He comes back from time with Daddy with similar news. “DADDY LET ME EAT TWO DONUTS TODAY” or “WHEN DADDY WAS DRIVING HE SAID **** “

Watch out if you say you are going to do something and don’t follow through.
“WHY DID YOU SAY NO TV AND THEN YOU LET ME? WERE YOU KIDDING?Just looking for a few minutes to myself.
“YOU SHOULD NOT LET ME HAVE ANOTHER COOKIE BECAUSE I HAD TWO ALREADY”. I didn’t catch that one, just go with it son. It’s tough getting called out by a pre-schooler.

And then there’s the thing I waited a long time to hear yet makes me cringe when he says it loudly in public. “I POOPED AND PEED IN THE POTTY! MY BODY MADE A NOISE AND THEN IT CAME OUT!

At the end of the day, however, it is that same lovely voice that gives me my pick-me-up. Rocky is always singing to me and smiling. He is extremely cuddly. Hugs and kisses abound. Clearly I am his favorite. “YOU ARE THE BEST MOMMY I EVER HAD”, my little one declares. “I LIKE YOU. I LOVE YOU. YOU ARE BYOOTIFUL. DOES THAT MAKE YOU HAPPY?” he asks. Indeed it does, kid. Indeed it does. I really am going to miss that voice some day.

The Librarian

***The Gen X Moms are no longer writing as a group (too many scheduling conflicts) but you can continue reading about my adventures with Rocky on my new blog at: