Make 'Em Laugh

There is no sound in the world better than a child’s laugh.  It is my drug of choice and I will do anything to make my son crack up.  I’ll do a dorky happy dance.  Or use silly voices to tell a story.  I’ll bounce a ball off my forehead or play “hide under the covers” 25 times in a row.   Whatever it takes!


A funny pirate

Of course the best laughs are the spontaneous ones.  These sometimes come at my expense when I’m not even trying.  Apparently it is hilarious when I drop something unexpectedly and scold myself under my breath.  Or if I absent-mindedly stick the milk in the pantry.   “Mommy, you are sooo silly, look what you did!”  If I happen to trip into an animated fall, that is good stuff to a 4-year-old.  What can I do but laugh at myself when he thinks it’s funny?

He also laughs at himself.  We took him ice skating for the first time and he couldn’t even stand up for the longest time.  His legs were going everywhere and he somehow managed to fall as I was trying to hang on to him and keep from falling myself.  This was big time funny.  Like riding on a roller coaster funny.  He giggled the entire time we were at the rink.  Well, at least he didn’t cry and give up!

A couple of weeks ago my husband, son and I were watching the Olympics. 

“I think it’s kind of lame,” I said, “that Brazil has 200 million people but only sent 2 athletes to the winter games.” 

“What do you expect,” said hubby, “there is no winter weather in Brazil, it’s mostly warm there.”

“Yes, well, it’s warm in LA but we still have ice rinks.  I’m sure they could build some and produce a hockey team or how about curling?”

“CURLING?!?” he said.  “No one cares about curling, it’s not a sport if you can be pregnant and get to use a broom!”

This struck our little Rocky as hysterically funny, he was especially stuck on the word “curling” until he found the next thing that tickled his fancy.  Let’s just say his new favorite restaurant is “Buca di Beppo” based solely on the name! 

The Librarian