So Whadja Get?

We had a very generous Christmas here. Mom and Dad didn’t have to buy much, as the grandparents were…prolific. But we got a few great items. The biggest hit was definitely the Kidkraft Suite Elite Kitchen. Mouse LOVES it. LOVES! It was a gift from Grandma and Grandpa and  Daddy Santa set it up on Christmas Eve. A friend also bought him a Melissa and Doug pots and pans set, so  I Santa set those out too. It was the first thing Mouse saw on Christmas morning and he wasted absolutely zero time getting to work on his dinner. He’s gone back to it again and again since. Such a great purchase.

America's next Master Chef

Another favorite was the Duplo Push Train Set. It’s super cool. Apparently there are two different kinds of Duplo trains. There’s the regular toy Duplo train, and the engine takes batteries and makes noise and moves on its own and stuff, and then there is the “Lego Education” line Duplo push train, where you use your own hand to make the train go and you make your own “chugga chugga chugga choo choo” noises. We got the latter, and that is why I love my mother-in-law–for avoiding the noisy battery-operated one. I mean seriously? Why does a DUPLO train set need batteries??? Luckily Mouse loves to make train noises, so it works out quite well.

Mouse got plenty of other things but those were the two biggest hits.

Oh, and we had trauma on Christmas Eve at bedtime. So the Pajama Fairy comes to our house on Christmas Eve and brings everyone a new pair of pajamas to wear to bed and have something nice in the morning. This year the Pajama Fairy picked out a Hatley pattern with jammies for Mouse and matching pajama bottoms for Mommy and Daddy. Well the Pajama Fairy forgot that children’s pajamas fit very tightly, and Mouse has a particularly large noggin. Needless to say, as I was trying to pull the pj top over his head on Christmas Eve, it got stuck. Then he started crying and I felt SOOOOO bad! But I still wanted him to wear the special pajamas and we had our matching pajamas and blah blah blah long story short (too late!) I took a pair of scissors and just cut down the neck in the back. If you look closely at the picture, you can see where I did it.


Anyway, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well, and are enjoying these holiday weeks.