We Remember: Girls Just Want to Have Fun

This cheesy dance movie starring young Sarah Jessica Parker and Helen Hunt epitomizes 80s culture. Released in 1985, I actually didn’t discover it until it came out on video (VHS!). My girlfriends and I loved it. And we watched it. Over and over. I have never been a dancer but wanted to be Janey Glenn in this movie. She moves into a Chicago neighborhood, finds a cool best friend and a hot boyfriend and competes to be a regular dancer on Dance TV. Of course, her strict military father doesn’t approve so she has to sneak around. And there is a villainess in the form of a bitchy dancer trying to steal her boyfriend and throw the competition. All is pretty predictable but we watched for the music, dance and fashion statements more than for plot. Shannon Doherty plays the little sister of the boyfriend (whatever happened to Lee Montgomery?) and Jonathan Silverman is comic relief. Although the songs from the movie always bring good memories when I hear them, as far as I can tell, the soundtrack can only be found on cassette tape. Can you believe it? I did manage to find one site that offers samplers of the songs but I was always disappointed not to get the soundtrack in its entirety. If anyone has insight as to where to get the songs as played in the movie, let me know! Also, I have heard rumors of a remake to which I would like to just say no.