I Love My Kid, But…

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I love my kid, but…sometimes I’m so bored

I love my kid, but…sometimes I miss my old life

I love my kid, but…I used to be very important at work, and now I consider it a good day if there’s a new episode of Yo Gabba Gabba!

I love my kid, but…I miss using my brain

I love my kid, but…I can only push a swing so many times before I lose my mind

I love my kid, but…

Come on, Gen X Moms, you know you’ve said it. There’s something different about being a Mom over 30, and I don’t just mean coloring over the gray hairs.  Maybe you waited to have children. Maybe you’re on a second marriage. Maybe you spent years in college and had a full-time, satisfying career. Maybe you woke up one morning and said, “Holy crap! I forgot to have kids!” Maybe you decided to finally give your mother a grandchild because you were sick of hearing her ask about it. Whatever the reason, Gen X Moms simply have a different parenting experience than younger moms.

This blog started with a group of Gen X Moms in North Orange County, California (which you may be surprised to hear is nothing like what it looks like on television), who felt like they were matriarchs of other mom’s groups, coming from different backgrounds and going through different challenges. We founded a Meetup group for Gen X Moms and started talking about issues older moms face. As we complained shared our stories, we found the same themes coming up over and over again: I love my kid, but my life is so different than it used to be.

And we found that nobody else was talking about this. About how my master’s degree in English only served to enhance my appreciation of the irony of going all Lady Macbeth washing my hands after sticking my finger directly into a poopy diaper. Or about how being a high-profile IT Analyst was no preparation for the shock and dismay of an unexpected positive pregnancy test. Or about how many Gen X Moms in blended families juggle shared custody and a big age gap between their children. Or about how today’s music just sucks and can we please bring back Depeche Mode, or at least a little Duran Duran, and if kids these days want to hear emo, they need to pull out some Morrissey.

Clearly the next course of action was starting a blog–so here we are! Welcome fellow Moms! Pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable. We hope you like it here. Another round of margaritas for the table!

3 Responses

  1. Bravo…that’s this Gen-Xer to a tee!

  2. woohoo! I’ll take my margarita on the rocks, extra salt. That’s one thing we’ve got going for us “older” moms – we can legally purchase alcohol!

  3. I love your honesty! Keep writing and mothering! Check out my blog of honesty: http://rustybeach.com/2009/01/my-kids-lead-me-to-drink/


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