Tips for Taking a Toddler on a Plane

This is a follow-up to the Scrivener’s blog about traveling with a baby.

Check out some air travel books from the library

Tough as it may be to take a baby on the plane, a full-fledged toddler is a whole different ball game. Not only do you have to worry about the crying, there is potential for all out tantrums. Toddlers are used to being mobile; sitting still is just not what they want to be doing. And they will let you know when they are bored or uncomfortable. In fact, all the passengers around you will know. Now they are too big to fit on the miniscule diaper changing tables found on airplane bathrooms. Does this all make you want to skip flying with a toddler altogether? Don’t lose hope. Here are some things you can do to make the ride a little smoother.

A few days before you go, talk to him/her about the thrill of flying and what to expect. Sell it to your toddler as a great adventure. Most kids feel more secure when they have some idea of what is about to happen. Explain the rules about the captain’s orders to buckle up when the light goes on, how the ride may get a little bumpy at times and that the flight attendants are there to help when you need them. You can do some playacting, read some books about planes and come up with a “plan” on how to combat those popping ears during lift off and landing. Basically, the child needs to be chewing or swallowing during this time. Let him come up with some ideas. Things are always better when you think it’s your idea. It’s the same with kids.

Buying a seat for your child is now a must because toddlers are too big to remain on your lap and are therefore not allowed. Bringing a car seat on the plane is a cumbersome thing. At this point I was really missing the much lighter infant carrier! I have found three ways to go regarding the car seat:

Child Aviation Restraint System

  1. Deal with the car seat which is usually only feasible if more than one adult is traveling with the toddler. After all, you will be carrying bags and probably handling the stroller as well. A small umbrella stroller that you can check at the gate is easiest. I learned after my travels that you can also get a stroller/car seat combo that will ease the burden a bit. Here’s a review of it. Cost is an issue. It runs about $250.
  2. Go without it and make your child buckle up. I struggled with this one because it is not the safest option but it was the most practical one at the time.
  3. Bring an FAA approved child restraint system you can buy for about $75. I wish I had found this earlier. Hopefully it’s not too late for you! Find out more at

Just as you did for baby, you must bring snacks. If there will be no meal served, bring lunch/dinner as well. Variety is key. Cheerios was always a good choice for my kid. Not only can your toddler eat them, you can bring a piece of yarn and kill time stringing them. Fruit, crackers, granola bars, etc. Water is better than juice to keep them hydrated. Kids enjoy having the power to choose what they want rather than being told what they have to eat. Beware of anything that might upset the stomach. McDonald’s may tempt you at the airport but you may regret it later. It will probably be a bad day as far as his diet goes but a happy kid is a happy traveler.

Unlike with baby, trying to wear my toddler out before getting on the plane only served to make him grumpy and less willing to try a nap. If at all possible, invest in or borrow a portable DVD player. Don’t rely on the airline to provide entertainment for your child. Again, give the child some choices as to what movies he wants to bring. Just by sitting and watching a movie, the lull of the airplane almost always put Rocky to sleep. This is golden! IMPORTANT: don’t forget to charge the batteries before you leave.

During those times when you can’t use any portable devices, bring some books/games/small toys along. It helps if some of these things are a surprise. We always purchased a new sticker or activity book ahead of time. Other good things to bring are silly putty (much cleaner than Play-Doh), cards, notepads and crayons, easy puzzles, and Wikki Stix. Check out any dollar store or the bargain bins at Target for more ideas.

If you are traveling far, switching planes is not a bad idea. This gives the child a chance to get up and stretch those legs between flights. Otherwise, you may need to let the kid roam the aisles when it is safe to do so. Try to visit the bathroom when you can to avoid messy clean up. If you need to change a diaper, this is also easier at the airport than on a plane.Make sure you always have at least two changes of clothes, just in case. If your toddler will tolerate it, having him/her wear a pull-up diaper will give you some peace of mind in case you are not able to get up when the child decides he needs to go NOW.

If you have room in your bag, bring along a small blanket and/or pillow.

Finally, try to stay focused on your child and not worry too much about what others think when things don’t go perfectly. I’ve found that most people genuinely appreciate that you are making an effort. If they don’t, it just has to be their problem and not yours. You’ve got enough on your plate already! Happy Travels!

***The Gen X Moms are no longer writing as a group (too many scheduling conflicts) but you can continue reading about my adventures with Rocky on my new blog at:

The Librarian

Tips for Taking a Baby on a Plane

It’s travel season again! Here’s a repost of The Scrivener’s travel tips for taking your baby on a plane. Tomorrow we’ll repost The Librarian’s tips for traveling with a toddler, so don’t forget to check in tomorrow!

Train Guy and I love to travel and we try to go out and see the world as much as possible. And we certainly weren’t going to let something like having a baby slow us down. Mouse is a great traveler and has been to many exciting destinations including all the way to Europe before his first birthday. In total, Mouse has been on six different (one-way) plane trips, and we’re going on another one in a couple of weeks. I was completely paranoid about traveling before we did it, but with a little bit of pre-planning, the planes turned out to be one of the easiest parts of our trips (jetlag was the worst).  Here are a few travel tips for taking your baby on a plane:

Mouse is chillin’ on his way to Europe
  • Get Baby his own seat. Infants under 2 can travel for free as a lap baby, but that’s not the safest way to go, and if your squirmy wormy won’t sit on a lap, the plane ride will be agonizing. We always buy Mouse his own seat and bring his car seat onboard for him to sit in it. That also gives us his luggage and carryon allowance, which is very handy. I’ve also heard of people buying the window and aisle seats in a row of 3 and hoping the middle stays empty. If it doesn’t, people are always happy to switch a middle for an aisle or window.
  • Board first. Many airlines no longer allow pre-boarding. Be sure to ask at the gate (not at the ticket counter), even if you’ve already been told no. If they still say no, ask if you can board with the first boarding group, or the first coach boarding group, regardless of what your tickets say–especially if you have a car seat to install. If they still say no, then hang out at the front of the line and be prepared to hop into action. When your boarding group is called, stay very close to the stanchions and make sure you’re first in line.
  • Check your stroller and car seat at the gate, not the luggage area. Yes, it’s a hassle to haul them through the airport, but checking at the gate is as close as you can get to a guarantee that you’re going to get it back later, and also lessens the opportunity for wear and tear (although they still get beat up). When you arrive at the gate, immediately get a gate check ticket for your stroller and your car seat if you’re not carrying it onboard. That way you won’t have to scramble at the plane door at the last minute. Just fold up the stroller and board. If you’re checking your car seat, you want to make sure it gets banged up as little as possible. Sometimes the regular luggage handling can equal the forces of an accident on the seat. Make sure to inspect the seat carefully before you use it. Our car seat is a Sunshine Kids Radian 80, which folds and has a shoulder strap for carrying (love it!) but you can also get wheels to attach to your seat in the airport.
  • Wear the baby out before getting on the plane. A sleeping baby is a happy baby on a plane. Try to burn off as much baby energy as you can before getting onboard. We had a very difficult time with Mouse as a crawler because there isn’t room for a baby to crawl on a plane and he got so antsy. Crawl/walk them around like crazy before getting on the plane to maximize the chances of your little angel falling peacefully to sleep during the flight.
  • Bring baby headphones if you think your child will keep them on. Baby/child headphones are volume controlled and are sized for small heads. This is handy if your child sleeps to music like ours, or if they want to watch a DVD or play an electronic game (for older kids).
  • Pack 2-3 overnight diapers plus a small pack of wipes in a ziploc bag. This is your quick diaper change kit. Pack this at the top of your carryon, and when you get on the plane, immediately put this bag in the seat pocket in front of you. When you have to get up to change a diaper, just grab the ziploc bag and go. No need to get out the big diaper bag and try to rifle through it when you’re in the bathroom–make a mini diaper kit and be done with it. The extra absorbancy of overnight diapers give you that extra piece of security on a plane.
  • Drinks for takeoff and landing. The best way to help baby’s ears pop is by drinking during cabin pressurization. By law, you can bring any amount of formula or expressed breast milk, or milk or juice for a baby onboard the plane (through security) as long as it’s declared and scanned. You can also bring jarred baby food and other baby items. Pack a big ziploc with whatever drink you want for takeoff and landing and place that on top of your carryon (next to your mini diaper kit). When you go through security, place that bag in a plastic bin to be examined. When you get on the plane, put that whole bag in the seat pocket in front of you right by the diapers. That way you won’t have to dig for anything when you need it.
  • Unfortunately this sleeping thing lasted for all of 15 minutes

    Wait for liftoff with the drinks. The only time things have gone wrong for me with plane pressurization was when I jumped the gun on the bottle. Sometimes you sit on the runway for a loooooooooong time before taking off and if you gave the bottle too soon, you’re screwed. I keep the drink out of Mouse’s view (otherwise he flips if he sees it but can’t have it) and when we start to take off, I wait until I can feel the wheels leave the ground. Pressurization takes about 10-15 minutes so this guarantees that the drink won’t be gone before you need it.

  • Pack plastic trash bags in your carryon. Wad up a few plastic grocery sacks to use as trash bags on the plane. As above, take out at least one as soon as you sit down and put it in the seat pocket in front of you (with your diaper change kit and drink kit). That way you won’t have to wait for the flight attendant to collect the trash if you want to put your table up or down or get rid of a cup or have any trash to throw away. This is so convenient I do it when I’m traveling by myself too!
  • Pack plenty of snacks. You’re a mom–I don’t have to tell you that! Pack snacks that are not allowed at home, that are tried and true, or are new and exciting.
  • Look for the symbol of a baby being changed on the bathroom door. Planes often have only one stall with a changing table so make sure that’s the one you’re in line for.
  • Bring a lightweight, large blanket or sheet. You’ll see why in a second.
  • Entertain the baby during the flight. If you’re lucky and have timed things correctly, your baby will sleep on the flight. If you’re me, that never happens. Instead, keep things interesting for the baby. Physical exercise is great if you can get him or her to walk up and down the aisles. Sometimes a change of scenery helps tremendously. Use that lightweight blanket on the floor to create a safe space at your feet for baby to sit and play if you have room (the bulkhead seats are perfect for this). Some people bring safety pins to make a tent with a blanket for sleeping (Mouse never went for this). Get new toys the baby has never seen before, such as Happy Meal toys or dollar store toys, just for this trip. Wrap toys in wrapping paper for that extra few minutes of excitement (plus you have your trash bag for pieces later). Attach toys to a binky leash or other string to keep from having to pick them up a gazillion times. Institute a “one toy at a time” rule–put something away before getting something else out. Take advantage of in-flight entertainment with your baby headphones or just the images for baby to watch if you have your own screen.
  • Recommended toys: For the under 2 crowd, I recommend these toys. Play keys, always fun, nice to chew. Small board books for reading and for baby “browsing.” Play silk or other square of fabric, perfect for peek-a-boo, impromptu dressup, etc. Stacking cups are the ultimate travel toy. I keep mine in a small fabric pouch–they’re perfect for stacking, for taking in and out, for building like blocks, for banging together, for counting, etc. Seriously people, stacking cups are WHERE IT’S AT in the land of travel toys. Stickers, band-aids, or a roll of masking tape makes for fun sticking and unsticking on clothes, feet, fingers, etc. Finger puppets or small hand puppets are always fun. If you have a portable DVD player you can try that. Small cars or things on wheels to roll on the floor and up and down unsuspecting tummies. Anything new and exciting you think your baby might like. The idea is to keep things novel and exciting.

Planes really aren’t as intimidating as they seem. At the very least, whatever happens, it will be over soon. Don’t be intimidated–you can do it! Happy traveling!

The Scrivener

Click here for tips on traveling with a toddler.

WFMW: Easy Peasy Banana Peeling

You know, sometimes bananas are just hard to peel.


tell your own banana joke

Like you start at the root (stalk? thingie that attaches it to its other banana friends?) and often you end up bending the peel instead of breaking it, and then it gets all mushy and gross and it’s quite frustrating.

Well here it is–frustration free banana peeling! Just start from the bottom of the banana. It’s very easy to stick your finger in, even if you just cut your nails because you’re afraid of permanently maiming someone accidentally, and you never squish the top.

Easy banana peeling–works for me!

Works-For-Me Wednesday

The Moms Love Red Ted Art

One of the best things about blogging is all of the wonderful people you get to meet along the way and all of the wonderful sites you get to see. Red Ted Art’s blog is devoted to “Bringing colour and art to children’s hearts,” and if you don’t come away from that site feeling inspired and excited about kids and art, I’ll send you $500. Okay, not really, but I do guarantee you’ll love what you see there. Maggy at Red Ted Art is an artist, a blogger, and a mom, and I recently got the chance to interview her. And now, dear readers, I’m thrilled to introduce Maggy and Red Ted Art to you!

Mum and Red Ted!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your family

My name is Maggy and I am a mother of two – a little boy, who online we call “Red Ted” and a little girl called “Pip Squeak”. I am Austrian, married to an Englishman in the UK.

How did you get started in your art career? Do you have any formal training or are you self-taught?

I guess I would use the term “self taught”, as I never had any training. I have always been “crafty” and am passionate about creating things. Red Ted Art started off as a stay -at-home hobby business creating bespoke artwork for children. This was based on a set of three pop art teddies I made for Red Ted when he was born. I then started a blog to keep friends and family updated on my latest artwork news. From there “suddenly” an arts and craft blog was born. I realised that in order to attract readers, I couldn’t just talk about myself and my artwork, but would have to offer something. So I now offer book & game recommendations, crafts for children (2yrs-12yrs) and tutorials for adults (teens – no age limit!). Oh and a cheeky weekly photo that has nothing to do with anything, save for that I like photographs!!

Four Teds

How did you come up with the name “Red Ted Art”?

Our pet names for the children at home are “Little Bear” and “Little Mouse” (these sound the same in German: “ Baer” and “Maus”; as we are bringing them up bilingually). Combined with the original set of three teddies, of which one is red, a friend of mine in Australia came up with the “Red Ted Art” idea.

What inspired you to start blogging? When did you start?

“Officially”, I started 19 months ago, when I was ranting on about artwork and painting and talking to shops to sell them for me. In terms of what you see now “Red Ted Art”, the craft blog, I started that in February. So around 8 months ago.

Where do you get your ideas for your kid’s craft and stART projects?

The stART (story + art = great stART), is actually a term coined by Michelle over at A Mommy’s Adventure.  There is also a lady called Zoe who does crafts on her blog called Playing By The Book. I simply loved their idea of combining books with crafts, as I am passionate about both myself. So I did a series of stART projects – taking inspiration from books we were reading (e.g. “how can we make a watch” or “how can we make a penguin”). At some point the process changed round. I would see objects and things around me and “oooh, that could be a Giraffe” and then I find a book to go with it.  Which is partly why you will now find me calling those articles “Kid’s Craft” now. As it is more about the craft, than the book (though we still like to add a sneaky book if we can!). If I am stuck for an idea, I will go back to a favourite book for inspiration! Some ideas I ponder for weeks (like I am mulling something over for “Harry, The Dirty Dog” and the idea for Poppy Flower Husk Snowflake prints came to me month ago, as I was walking to a playgroup).

Super-Cute Monster Cards

What would you like to tell our Moms about children and art?

I am passionate about getting people to have a go. Crafts and art is such a special “childhood memory” time, as well as helping develop all sorts of skills such as motor skills and confidence. But for me fun is the primary goal and learning something that happens by the by.

Also, I would like to say, to just give it a go and not be “embarrassed” about your skills. Your children will love anything you draw or paint with or for them. They will not be judging you. If you say “you can’t” they learn to say “I can’t” from you. So instill confidence in your child by having a go together.

There are lots of easy crafts on my blog to get you going: like Loo Roll Watches (that’s toilet paper rolls for you Americans), Googly Eye Painted Stones and Monster Cards . Each take little time. Are fun and the kids LOVE the result!! I also do a monthly “Get Crafty” feature, where I bring together 25 odd craft ideas of all sorts of skill levels under one theme – you should usually be able to find something to get you inspired on there!

Thanks, Maggy! I’m going to go be creative now…

Get Free Stuff – Join Birthday Clubs

I love free food. And I like making my birthday celebration last as long as possible. How to combine the two? Join some birthday clubs! I did this and enjoyed several complimentary meals and desserts for two weeks. Sign up at the restaurants or online. You may get a few mailings throughout the year but many times this includes coupons and, of course, birthday treats. Some places, like Denny’s, BJs and  CPK offer free meals  only for kids. Here are some of the better deals I found this year that include adults:

If you live in the LA area, there is a great Mexican restaurant called El Cholo. Sign up for their e-mail club and you can receive a $25 certificate to be used within 2 weeks of your birthday. Also a $10 coupon just for joining. Heck yeah! Sign the whole family up!

El Torito offered me a free entrée which I was not ashamed to collect on my own.

Black Angus – free steak dinner with purchase of 2nd entrée.

Red Robin and Fuddruckers offer free burgers.

Corner Bakery offers a free cookie.

Get free ice cream at Baskin Robbins and/or Cold Stone Creamery.

Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt – free yogurt.

Disneyland restaurants offer buttons, balloons and desserts throughout the resort.

Chilis, Applebees, TGI Fridays, Buca di Beppo – free desserts.

I did not sign up for this in time but I hear you maybe can get something good from the Cheesecake Factory. Sweet!

If you have local restaurants that you really love, check out their web sites and see if they offer freebies for signing up. Create an e-mail just for these offers if you don’t want them crowding your existing box. You can combine these with the deal alert e-mails I mentioned before.

Please post any great offers that I missed.

Works for me!
works for me wednesday at we are that family

Pumpkin Cookies, Oh My!

Fall has officially arrived and has brought with it my favorite flavors of the year.  I go nuts for pumpkin spice lattes, hot apple cider, and, well, pretty much any pumpkin baked good!  One of my absolute favorites is my mom’s pumpkin cookies.  I am hoping to bake a batch this weekend, so I thought I’d share the recipe with you today.

1 c. shortening     2 c. sugar     1 large can pumpkin     2 tsp. vanilla     2 tsp. salt     4 c. flour     2 tsp. baking soda     2 tsp. baking powder     2 tsp. cinnamon     2 c. raisins (although I may try chocolate chips this year)     Chopped black walnuts, optional

Stir all ingredients together in large bowl, and drop by rounded tablespoon on to cookie sheet.  Leave some space in between, as they will spread.   Bake at 375 degrees for 15 minutes.

Help Me Clean This Rug!

Rather than a Works For Me Wednesday, I’m throwing out a What Works For You Wednesday.

Dog will be removed before cleaning

Here’s my dilemma. We have this area rug in the living room which I LOVE. It’s one of those that’s braided out of fabric like Grandma makes if Grandma worked at Crate and Barrel. And now I need to clean it. But there are a couple of problems here:

  • It’s big and covers most of the floor, so while there are a few spots that are dirtier than others, in order not to look odd I’m probably going to have to clean the whole thing.
  • There’s no backing underneath. It’s sitting right on top of the hardwood floor.
  • Said hardwood floor is original to the house and almost 90 years old, so it’s not in the greatest shape.
  • I’m not 100% opposed to icky chemicals but I’d prefer to avoid or minimize them

Now I know what you’re saying–steam clean it! However, my concerns about steam cleaning are threefold:

  1. I’m extremely worried that the steam will totally warp and completely jack up the hardwood floor underneath. Did I mention it’s original to the house and almost 90 years old?
  2. I don’t own a steam cleaner and am pretty sure I don’t know anyone else who does (though I haven’t really asked yet)
  3. I’m really cheap and would rather not rent one

So HELP ME CLEAN THIS RUG!!! Hit me with your best suggestions. I’m begging you!

Works-For-Me Wednesday

WFMW: Ending Nighttime Diaper Leaks

We are a disposable diaper family.  More specifically, we are a Pampers family.  Both of our girls wore Pampers Swaddlers as infants and moved up to Pampers Cruisers.  And, disposable diapers have worked really well for us.  Except at night. 

Nighttime solution for The Big Cheese

They worked really well for The Big Cheese until she was almost 2, and then, she started waking up every morning with both wet sheets and wet pants.  During the day, she never had any leaks, so we sought out something just for nighttime.  We discovered Pampers Extra Protection.  They are wonderful!  They are like regular Pampers diapers, but they are more absorbent.  Even the characters on the diapers are sleeping or wearing pajamas.

The Bugster started leaking at nighttime at closer to a year.  I immediately went to the store for some Extra Protection diapers –only to find out the smallest size is a 4.  The Bugster only wears a Size 3.  So, we decided to put her in a regualr Size 4 diaper at night.  It’s bigger by just enough to be absorbent throughout the night without too much extra bulk.

Two different solutions, and they both led to dry nights.  Now, THAT works for me!

Works-For-Me Wednesday

I'm an Amazon Mom

If you have a baby–listen up. Or just listen up anyway.

So you know, diapers are expensive. We use cloth diapers much of the time, but for convenience, leaving the house, wash days, and during diaper rashes, we use disposables. You’re not supposed to use diaper rash cream with a cloth diaper, and we do leave the house on a regular basis, so we do go through our share of disposables.

All babies are different shapes and sizes, as you know if you happen to have one, so different babies fit different diapers differently. In a different way. For different babies. Some babies can only really fit into a few or one brand of diapers. Lucky for us, Mouse is one of those babies! He can only wear one of the most expensive disposables on the market: Huggies Little Movers. Not Luvs, not the Target brand or any other store brand, not even Pampers which seems to have a lot better coupons than Huggies. In fact, our most disastrous diaper experience came with Pampers. It was complete ADF (Atomic Diaper Fail). We were in Europe, and that’s exactly what you want while on vacation in a foreign country: ADF. So we’re a Huggies family. And not even Huggies Snug and Dry which they sell at Costco and are relatively cheap. Nope. Huggies Little Movers. Which cost more. Because apparently that’s what Mouse is. A Little Mover. I hope that doesn’t mean he’s in for a promising career as a Big Mover.

My child does not look like this, but isn't she cute?

Anyway, so we are also Amazon fanatics in this house. We have an Amazon Visa and use it for everything and get tons of points (= $$$) from Amazon. So I like to buy things from Amazon. I also like buying things online because it’s like Christmas when it arrives on the doorstep. And sometimes when it takes a long time, I’ve even forgotten what I purchased so it’s like a nice surprise. The only member of our household who does not like Amazon is Digory the beagle, who is convinced that the UPS guy is going to invade the house.

Amazon has a handy little thing for ordering diapers called Subscribe and Save. The name is kind of self-explanatory–you save 15% on diapers and they automatically come to your house for whatever time you’ve specified. I have always avoided Subscribe and Save in the past because I was never sure how long Mouse was going to stay in a particular size of diaper, plus I hate it when things automatically get charged to my card and sent to me and I forget that’s going to happen. But then I learned about Amazon Mom.

Amazon Mom is a free program that 1) gives you an additional 15% off Subscribe and Save diapers, 2) gives you free Amazon Prime shipping for 3 months with the opportunity to extend that, and 3) sends you annoying emails to try to get you to buy more stuff. Obviously for Amazon, numbers 1 and 2 exist so that they can send you 3, but for the benefit of 1 and 2, I’m willing to put up with some emails (and actually I haven’t even gotten one yet).

Amazon Prime shipping is free 2-day shipping. Well it’s not free–you have to buy a subscription to Amazon Prime which I think is like $70 a year and then you get 2-day shipping on qualified items. I’ve never purchased Prime because I’m cheap, and because most items that qualify for Prime also qualify for Super Saver shipping, which is free standard shipping with a minimum of $25. Super Saver shipping can take a while, but I’m willing to wait if it saves me $70 a year. However, I’m not going to turn down my nose at free Prime, so I’m happy with that Amazon Mom benefit. Plus for every $25 you spend in a single order of Baby items, you get an extra month of Prime. And since I still buy baby stuff…

The 30% off diapers is really the best deal. Now I know some moms do the super-duper-uber coupon thing where they buy several papers and wait and stack coupons and scour the web for awesome deals, and I have to say I’m in awe of those moms, but I am not one of them. I try to use a coupon whenever possible, but for the most part I don’t get those really serious bargains. Which is why 30% off diapers is a big deal for me.

With Amazon Mom, our Size 5 Huggies Little Movers come down to 23 cents a diaper. Perhaps I could do it cheaper the above way, but quite frankly, 23 cents a diaper that get delivered to my house without me having to move a finger is just about as awesome as it gets. Especially compared to sites like, which I think is one of the biggest rip-off sites on the web. They suck you in with a first-order coupon but if you pay attention, their Size 5 Huggies Little Movers come out to 40 cents per diaper. I mean, REALLY??? I could go out to 7-11 and get them for cheaper, practically. has them at 37 cents/diaper, Walgreens will send them to you for 39 cents/diaper, and Babies R Us are happy to drop them off at 33 cents/diaper.

In other words, if you’re lazy, totally brand-loyal out of necessity, don’t like hunting down coupons and shopping several different stores at different times, and like things showing up on your doorstep in 2 days, I highly recommend Amazon Mom.

Now yes, you do have to subscribe. However, you can choose 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, or 6 months delivery, and you can cancel any time. I chose 3 months so in December if I have too many on my hands, I’ll just cancel. Or I can always bump up the subscription. Amazon makes it very easy to cancel, as long as you remember to do so.

So if you’ve got a kid in diapers, definitely check out Amazon Mom. Or even if you don’t care about any other benefit, sign up for Amazon Mom to get 3 free months of Prime shipping!

Weaning the Reluctant Toddler

When Bugster’s 1st birthday hit in March, I couldn’t believe that I was still nursing her.  To be honest, I was really ready to be done with it all. But, it was clear that she was showing absolutely no signs of stopping.  She wouldn’t take a pacifier and wouldn’t go to sleep any other way (except for the car, but that’s not incredibly convenient at 3:00 in the morning).  I even asked the pediatrician for ideas.  His response?  “If you want to stop nursing, just stop nursing.”  I didn’t see it as being nearly that easy. 

Now, she’s almost 18 months old.  I’m preparing to leave the girls for a long weekend with Dear Hubby in a couple weeks and was going to wean her that way.  But, all of a sudden, on Saturday night, I decided I was done.  I nursed her for a few minutes, stopped, and then looked at her and said, “I’m done.  That’s the last time you’re ever going to do that.  Sorry.”  I hadn’t planned on it stopping so suddenly, and I hadn’t discussed it with Dear Hubby.  But, upon hearing my proclamation, he didn’t try to talk me out of it.  Instead, he took Bugster from me and attempted to put her to sleep, because she wasn’t all that pleased that her human pacifier suddenly called it quits.  She really wasn’t happy with me at all.  She fell asleep for him, and it went pretty well.  Bugster woke up in the night, and that’s when the real temper tantrum began.  I refused her attempts to nurse to go back to sleep, and that was a serious lapse of judgment from her point of view.  However, I am happy to report I stood strong.

I think she held a grudge for a couple days.  There have been a lot more requests for Daddy in the middle of the day than usual, and she pretty much gave me the cold shoulder in to Tuesday.  But, the hard part is over.  She occasionally still tries to get me to cave when I’m putting her to sleep, but never for more than a few seconds.  Bugster also still likes me rocking her to sleep, and we’ve already fallen in to a new routine. 

I have no regrets.  I think she was actually ready, or it wouldn’t have gone so well.  I felt bad at first, because it was such a radical change in her life.  And, she also had a cold this weekend, making me think it was really rotten timing on my part – but I then realized there is no such thing as the right time to do something like this.  However, I suppose some of my mommy guilt was probably erased by the kahlua I have been drinking this week. . .

I honestly didn’t think she would ever wean.  But, it turns out that her pediatrician really is a wise man; it was as simple as just stopping.