Summer Reading Program

Do you love your library as much as I do? Hopefully so! We go to the Anaheim Central Library. They have a fabulous children’s room and great storytime programs. Each library does their storytime a little differently, so it’s always a good idea to check different libraries in your area to see all your options.

Bubble wands are extra fun, if you can figure out how to use them

One of my favorite library memories as a child (in addition to the pride I felt getting my first very own library card) was the summer reading programs. I pretty much always kicked ass at those.

Of course, summer reading programs are still around, and last year when Mouse was about 6 months old, I was thrilled to discover even babies can participate! This year it was at the top of our list again. The tiniest library goers get credit for listening to a story, attending a storytime, singing a library song, or doing a fingerplay. Mouse is big on all of those activities so it wasn’t hard to fill up his chart quickly.

The best part is that once your chart is full, you get a prize and a party. Mouse got the book Llama Llama Red Pajama for his effort, and today was the party. This year’s theme was “Make a Splash–Read!” so the party had a wonderful beach/water theme. One thing I love about the Anaheim Central Library is that they’re very good about breaking up different age groups, so today’s party was for readers 5 and under. Mouse had a blast. There were bubbles, sand boxes, face painting, popscicles, ring toss and ball toss games, and beach balls.

Fun with the sand!

And the best part is that it’s all FREE! Most Summer Reading Programs are already complete, but mark your calendars for next year. Older kids get credit for reading for 10-15 minutes or reading aloud to a younger child, among other things. It’s a great way to keep kids interested in reading and give everyone something to do during those school-less days.