The First Haircut

So we finally got Mouse’s first haircut in Florida. Yes, we traveled all the way from California to Florida for a haircut. What can I say–it was special!


Mouse had a bunch of fine hair with some adorable curls at the bottom. While I did love his baby soft hair, it was definitely obscuring his sight. But I held out. You see, in Disneyworld in Florida, there’s a working barber shop on Main Street, which we lack here in Disneyland in Southern California. And if you get your first haircut at the barber shop in Disneyworld, you get a complimentary pair of “First Haircut” mouse ears and a certificate of bravery. And Mom also gets a little packet of those adorable baby curls to take home.

Our barber was wonderful. Mouse hates sitting still, so I was a little trepidatious as to how this was going to go. In addition, Train Guy had a traumatic first haircut that involved cutting his little ear and making him fear haircuts for a number of years. I just wasn’t sure how it would go. But the barber gave him about 10 Mickey Mouse stickers to play with. She stuck them all over his chest and belly and legs, and he spent the entire time rearranging his stickers and not even noticing that his hair was being cut.


That Disney–they sure know how to do things right.

Anyway, it’s amazing what a haircut can do. Our baby turned into an actual little boy with his new ‘do. All in all it was a great haircut experience and I’m glad we waited until our trip to Florida, even if people started mistaking him for a girl at the end there.

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