Just the Right Notes

A sampling of Rocky's love notes

My child often gifts “I love you” notes to friends and family. He sees what a positive response he gets from the recipients and it makes him feel good. Once he gave one to a little girl he plays with at the YMCA. Her mom jokingly told me about how the girl’s father had gotten emotional about the fact that their little daughter had received her first love note from a boy already. “Don’t worry,” I laughed. “He gives them to all the children he likes.” And ladies. Especially good looking ones.

I may not be a young beauty like the girls at the Y but in Rocky’s eyes I am the “prettiest woman in the galaxy” and the lucky recipient of the majority of the notes he writes. If I tried to keep them all, I would probably qualify as a hoarder by the end of the year. But I feel guilty throwing them away. As a compromise, I keep a few and I take pictures of others. They are a lovely pick me up during those times when I am forced to be a “mean mommy”, when doors get slammed on me and when the back talk starts.

It occurred to me one day that Rocky might like a few notes in return. DUH! Not sure why it took me so long to come to this conclusion. My sister-in-law works for a company called Chronicle Books; they produce some great coffee table books, kids’ materials and knick knacks. You have probably seen their stuff at any bookstore but just don’t realize it. She brings us all kinds of interesting books including stuff like the Sounds of Star Wars and photo books on everything from beer to toys to cupcakes. One of the products she gifted me was this awesome little note set called Mini Lunch Notes. Perfect!

I began to stick a few of these handy notes here and there. I hide them in his jacket, in his lunchbox, etc.  “I love you no matter what,” I write, “Keep up the good work” or “Please eat your banana.” Each time I do this he gets so excited; who knew a few little words would have such an impact? I wish he would stay this young just a few years longer, that just a simple note could give him such a high. I know it won’t always be this way and so I will just milk this as long as I can.

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