Not Now, Honey, Mommy's Sick

I’ve got “that virus that’s going around”–words in quotes because that’s exactly what the urgent care doctor said to me on Saturday. And of course, the sucky thing about a virus is that there’s nothing they can do to cure it except treating the symptoms and praying it doesn’t turn into an ear infection or a sinus infection.

The funny thing is, I got this from Mouse who is basically unaffected. He’s had a lingering cough, but coughs maybe once every 10 minutes or so. He had a runny nose, but that cleared up. He never looked or acted miserable and never had a fever. Unlike me, who got all of that. I don’t know how it is that I’m like 20 times sicker than a 2-year-old with the same virus, but there ya go. Better me than him though, that’s for sure.

So what do moms do when they’re sick? We do the best we can. Mouse is getting in some major television time. Oh well, it’s not going to kill him. And luckily Train Guy works from home and is able to pitch in tremendously. Unfortunately, Train Guy started coughing tonight too. My biggest concern is that we’re going to Disneyworld on Sunday for a week and I really don’t want to fly to Florida with a sick family.

Ugh, and big hugs to everyone else out there who’s sick.

One Response

  1. I used to have the best immune system, rarely got sick. I’m convinced my child took it from me because he gets a sniffle and then I’m down for a week. Maybe it’s just old age kicking in. Either way, it sucks.

    The timing’s not great but a week is enough time to feel a little better at least. Get your ears checked before you go. Keeping our fingers crossed that we’ll be reading a positive blog about your trip soon!

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