Can I Have a Do-Over Please?

So I was in Wal-Mart’s baby section the other day picking up a bed guardrail and I was approached by a couple looking for useful gifts for a new mom. Of course, Scooby and Puppet were in tow, so I must have looked like a veteran. It got me thinking about how I would redo my baby registry. This is my new and improved list. I spared some of the usual items and just included my personal must-haves.

  1. Earth Mama Angel Baby products:  Breastfeeding essentials – Nipple butter, Booby Tubes, Bosom Buddies, Milkmaid tea; Postpartum Recovery essentials – Postpartum bath herbs for sitz, New Mama Bottom Spray (LOVE it), Bottom Balm.
  2. Baby bottles that convert to sippy cups, like BornFree or Avent. I love my Dr. Brown’s, but I’m stuck buying separate sippy cup, after cup, after cup.
  3. Bottle drying rack.
  4. Fast bottle warmer.
  5. An assortment of bottle and nipple brushes – because you will go through them like they are going out of style.
  6. Organic crib mattress. Why? I found that my guys have inherited my sensitivities to fragrance, fumes, and detergents.
  7. Organic sheets and blankets in bamboo, cotton, etc., for the same reason listed above.
  8. Organic crib guardrail covers – Babies get to teething pretty quick and our crib looks like we’ve been harboring a chipmunk.
  9. ERGObaby carrier and accessories (teething pads, cover, insert, pouch, and backpack) to save my aching back and keep baby close to my heart literally. They love to be worn.
  10. My Brest Friend – because Boppy just doesn’t cut it. I love how My Brest Friend cinches to my waist while supporting my back and arms and stays where I put it to help support Puppet while he is nursing. It even has a little pocket where I keep the baby nail clippers and an emery board, and sometimes the TV remote and phone.
  11. Folding bed guardrail for co-sleeping. Babies are bed hogs. I find myself dangling off the edge of the bed in the morning. It will keep me and him from falling off and you can use it when transitioning your child to their own “big kid” bed.
  12. Shopping cart cover – More sanitary to keep the germs away and comfy for their tushies too.  Mine even has loops to attach toys. Whohoo! No toys on the grocery store floor!
  13. Lots of zippered sleepers with feet. Babies just want to be comfy. An occasional cute outfit is cool for a photo op and outings. I just find sleepers so much easier on a daily basis. No lost socks either. I adore zippers because snaps suck at 3 a.m.
  14. Whisper-soft humidifier. Our little ones were used to a wet climate in the womb and I find the humidifier helps to keep their skin and mucous membranes from drying out at night. It also produces a little white noise which helps them sleep.
  15. Vitamin A&D ointment for those meconium diaper changes. That stuff is like tar to get off and this ointment helps create a thin barrier between their skin and the meconium, making clean-up a snap.
  16. Lots of thin receiving blankets and cloth diapers for burp pads, barriers, padding. I use these on top of my changing pad and under their tushies when they sleep as they are easy to wash.
  17. Head supports for car seat and stroller.
  18. Car seat/stroller strap covers. We have the ones with puppies on them. They are not only cute and protect their necks from the strap, but they support their heads when they fall asleep.
  19. Side-snap T-shirts for newborns. I find these less invasive and jarring to the newborn as you’re not pulling anything over their heads, like a onesie. God knows their necks are floppy enough. Also, I find it gives their healing bellybutton air and it’s not constricting.
  20. Beaba Babycook Food Maker – It’s too cool for school – steamer, blender, warmer and defroster to prepare fresh, healthy meals for baby in 15 minutes!!! Santa, I think you forgot our house this year. I want one of these so bad now that I have 2 children and my youngest is getting ready to start solids. I can hardly make dinner sometimes and this would help in efficiency and clean-up.

3 Responses

  1. An Ergo for sure!!! I’d also add: A nursing cover, a ring sling, bumbo seat… And I always give this tip to new parents registering: Don’t register for any baby clothes! People will buy your baby clothes no matter what and you don’t want to be bombarded with a TON of baby clothes when you could really use some other essentials. And if you dare register for clothes, register for 6 month and over. They grow out of the clothes so quickly and you will get way more little tiny baby than your baby will be able to wear (because tiny baby clothes are so darn cute!). Don’t register for baby toys either – that’s another one you will get too much of and in reality your baby won’t play with them until much later and even at that will probably just want to play most with the packaging : )

  2. agreed…it’s a well thought out list! I think I have almost everything on it besides the organic mattress and sheets and earth mama stuff! Oh, and the food maker cause I just steamed it and used my food processor. But now I have to look at that! I would add a few comments…like, most people just ignore the registry and buy you whatever the heck they want to anyhow so if you really want something, just buy it yourself! and don’t expect anyone but your parents to buy you any of the expensive stuff! and no matter what I got, I appreciated all of it, even if I never used it cause it’s nice when people think of you, even if they make the comment “another one?” yeah, sick of hearing that! Yes, another one okay!

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