Don't Let Life Get in the Way

I am having one of those nights where life keeps getting in the way. Bugster would not go to sleep for what felt like an eternity, even though sleep has been going really well for her lately.  The Big Cheese wakes up complaining her necks hurt — only to throw up a few minutes later.  An old friend calls, asking for insight on some big things going on in her life.  And, then Bugster wakes up crying and won’t go back to sleep unless I’m holding her.  And I can’t even think of lying her down.

This led me to some serious reflection.  The older we get, the more responsibilities we have.  And, with more responsibilities, we have more times when life gets in the way.  We had some friends over this weekend and took time to just relax. We cooked a relaxed, low-key meal and just took time to sit and enjoy one another’s company.  Last week, we met an old friend for coffee because it was all the time we could squeeze in.  But, the important thing was that we made time to get together.

With all the focus on new year’s resolutions, this time of year is usually about people thinking about themselves and what they can do to improve their looks, wealth, or love life. My charge to you this week is to turn some of that reflection outward.  Think about who has been important in your life and reach out to them.  Call up your friend you haven’t spoken to in a couple months just to say “Hi.” Schedule a weekend breakfast date with the girlfriend who needs a break from her kids as much as you. Do something to let your old friends know you still care — stop letting life get in your way.