Potty Humor

So the potty humor hasn’t arrived full force yet but I am bracing myself for it. Lately my 5-year-old has been fascinated with big butts. He’s pointed them out to me a few times which prompted the whole, “don’t say that too loudly or you might hurt someone’s feelings” lecture again. I suppose I should be thankful he’s not the kid who loves to run around in his underwear all the time (that was my nephew). Some, like a certain relative’s family, openly embrace the apparent funniness that goes along with jokes about bodily functions. Said relative actually gave out whoopie cushions for one of his young daughter’s birthdays. They were a big hit, I heard. Too bad we lived too far away to attend. Really. Shucks. Darnit.

I know the gross out stuff is to be expected, especially for boys in the 5-7-year-old crowd but I’d rather not encourage it too much. Oh sure, I had my share of Garbage Pail Kid trading cards (Snotty Lotty was a favorite) but that is about as far as I ever took it. On the other hand, if I make too big a deal about it, it will just make the kid want to use it even more, right? And perhaps there’s a chance that my child will not even care for it. I doubt it. I anticipate big time giggles, etc. Rocky is a goofy boy, if armed with the right material, he will take it and run with it. I will have to think of some good distractions.

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