Personalized Thank You Notes

So confession time–I went to one of those discount children’s photography studios to have some Christmas pictures taken of Mouse. The confession comes because our very own Photo Addict is the photographer for the amazing Sprouts Photography and I feel like I’m committing adultery by having Mouse’s picture taken elsewhere. We did have some awesome family pictures from Sprouts but I wanted to knock off a few shots of Mouse in his holiday sweater to send to Great-Grandma and being cheap, I didn’t want to spend a whole lot of money doing it.

That was a big mistake.

You get what you pay for.

Cast of characters: pre-cut card stock, useless pictures, scissors, glue stick, a paperback book you happen to be reading

Anyway, so I had this coupon for one particular discount photo studio–a free sitting, free collage, something something, blah blah, and $7.99 photo package that includes like 800 pictures, very few in sizes you actually want. Well, the shoot was a disaster (the photographer wasn’t ready until ONE HOUR after our appointment–Mouse was a total grump with good reason), and out of the whole thing, there was really only one picture that I liked. I mean, it was a seriously cute picture, but just the one.

So I bought that $7.99 photo package. Because it was $7.99 and the picture was cute. It included 16 of these miniature pictures, like half the size of a wallet picture. And as I sat there and thought “well what the heck am I going to do with these???” it occurred to me–personalized thank-you notes!

I dug around my big Box O’ Crafting Stuff and found some pre-cut paper stock, so I gathered up a glue stick, a pair of scissors and the 16 otherwise useless pictures and got to work. My extremely high-tech, skilled method was to fold the card in half and then glue the picture on, and voila! Instant thank-you note.

I know you’re impressed by my crafting prowess.

The most difficult part was finding envelopes. Train Guy went off to Target and found a box of 24 discount thank you cards with envelopes roughly the correct size for $1.79. Sold!

Altered so I don't get hit with a weird copyright thing

Now I have adorable, personalized thank you notes. You could do this with any picture, even if you didn’t happen to have a lousy photo shoot experience and bought the $7.99 discount package. One idea I had that seemed like WAY too much work but I thought I’d share anyway was if you have your own photo printer, take a picture of your child(ren) actually playing with/wearing/chewing on/whatever the thing the person sent, and making a thank you card out of that. Yeah, I’m too lazy for that, but feel free to take the idea and run with it! I applaud you!

Plus nobody needs to feel guilty about throwing this thank-you card away, since it took minimal effort, and what was I going to do with those 16 stupid-sized pictures anyway?

And seriously, don’t waste your time somewhere else. Go to a real photographer. It’s SO worth it.