Christmas Wish

It’s been an interesting week for this mama and her family. My husband’s company laid off 3 people in his department this week with cuts in other departments globally to keep their profit margins this year.  Many years ago, I was laid off the day before Thanksgiving, so I can sympathize. It really stings you and it’s hard not to get depressed over the holidays. This was just another reminder of the state of our economy and how the “recession” is not over yet.

With only one income, I’ve been trying to think of creative ways to “give” this season. For the local community, I offered free Mommy & Me music classes at a local mama-owned business.  I plan on baking up a storm of cookies to gift to family and friends. We have also limited our spending on gifts to just the children this year and limiting that to one or two special gifts. Though it doesn’t feel very festive at home without one, we did not put up a Christmas tree as we’ll be visiting my in-laws for the majority of the holidays.

I, like many, will be travelling a long distance to ring in the New Year. Since I can’t pack my entire household, we have decided to purchase diapers and formula upon our arrival to save space in the car for more essentials (never fear we’re bringing enough for the trip). We must remember to leave enough space in order to change diapers as we’ll be driving in the rain at night in hopes that the babies sleep on the way. Fingers crossed!

I feel a sense of melancholy with the recent lay-off news and the fact that I’m breaking away from tradition this year. On Christmas Eve, my side of the family stays up till midnight to open presents. I really don’t know what to expect at the in-laws, but I’m hoping to blend our traditions and make some new ones.

So my wish to you is that your home is warm, your stomach is full, and your heart is filled with joy, love and laughter.  And I challenge you to bestow the Christmas Spirit by remembering to be kind, patient, and courteous to your fellow shoppers and travelers, even if they have slighted you in some way, like taken your parking spot, bumped you with a shopping cart, or cut you off in traffic, etc. Keeping your heart light will ensure you and others will experience a Merry Christmas.  Cheers to the New Year!