I Need a Confessional, a 12-Step Program, and Some Sleep!

My name is The Legal Eagle, and my 21-month old still doesn’t sleep through the night. I get such a weird reaction from people when I make that confession that I feel like I need to find a 12-step program somewhere.  Granted, most sleep training programs have about 12 steps, and I suppose that’s why I haven’t stuck with any of them!

Honestly, in her almost 2 years, The Bugster has slept through the night less than 5 times.  She sleeps in her own bed up to a point, and then she wakes up, screaming inconsolably.  We have to pick her up to get her stop, and if we value our lives, we can’t even think about laying her back down in her own bed.  So, we carry her to our bed – where she falls asleep the second her head hits our mattress.

The other day, a wise mommy said to me, “Is it really that big of a problem that she sleeps part of the night with you?”  No, I suppose it isn’t a big deal.  I mean, she won’t be little much longer, and, before I know it, I won’t even get unsolicited hugs.  I know I should try to appreciate that she’s so comfortable with us and that she loves sleeping right next to us.  But, I haven’t had six straight hours of sleep more than a handful of times in over 2 years.  (Come on, mommies – you remember what 3rd trimester pregnancy sleep is like.  Right?)  That really does something to a person.  I swear I am always tired, and it makes me rather moody.  And, when she is sleeping with us, she doesn’t usually wake up – but we wake up with her head in our ribs or a foot in our face.  Talk about bad sleep!

I’m not really looking for help.  I’ve heard it all.  I would love it, though, if this rant resonates with any of you.  Basically, I want to know I’m not alone.  Anyone?