You Can Have Upholstered Chairs and Little Kids, Too

Protect your chairs with SmartSeat

I love the look and feel of upholstered chairs. Unfortunately, when it came time to choose a dining room set for our new place, I had to consider the fact that I had a 3-year-old who I feared would ruin the fabric on my beautiful chairs in no time. My husband and I ultimately decided to upholster just two of our set, at least he and I could enjoy them while our little one would remain on the much easier to wipe wood chairs. If only Becky Rabson had come up with her idea for an elegant protective seat cover sooner. Perhaps it isn’t too late to have the remaining chairs upholstered now that she offers an affordable product to combat the messes my now 5-year-old might make. If you are worried about combining your family’s upholstered chairs with a toddler, this is a product for you.

Becky was a stay-at-home mom grappling with the same issue I had about how to keep fabric chairs neat and attractive with little ones at home. Ugly vinyl just doesn’t cut it. She and her husband decided to combat the problem themselves and founded their company, PB&J Discoveries, along with a family friend. The SmartSeat chair protector they invented is a waterproof, stain resistant, and machine washable cover made from soft-to-the-touch, toxin-free fabric. It adjusts to fit most chairs ranging from 18″ to 25″ wide and comes in three basic colors. She sent me a blue one to try on my chair and I have to say it is pretty inconspicuous. I kept it on my chair over the holidays and no one even asked about it. My child sat in it over a few meals and, sure enough, down came the apple sauce and the milk. It all came right off. I also liked that there was no bulk in the material. It didn’t wrinkle and stayed in place.

Does your mom or other relative have those expensive cloth chairs you worry your child will spill juice all over? Take the seat covers with you when you travel. Find out more about Becky’s seat covers at

SmartSeat fits many types of chairs.

Disclosure: The Librarian was given a sample SmartSeat chair protector in exchange for a fair and honest review.