Preventing Crib Escape

Mouse is now 23 months old and has recently demonstrated his great prowess in being able to escape the Pack n Play (first), and now the crib. I can’t tell you how excited I am about this turn of events.

After scouring the internet for suggestions for this problem, I really only came up with two solutions people kept saying over and over. 1) A crib tent, or 2) ditching the crib and moving to a toddler bed. Both of these are problematic for us.

Aden and Anais Sleeping Bag

Our gorgeous crib has a funky shape and as such, does not fit any available crib tent. Additionally, when we are up at the cabin, Mouse has to sleep in the Pack n Play, and they don’t make a crib tent for a Pack n Play (well, they did, but it was recalled due to tragedy).

I’m very hesitant about moving to the toddler bed for a couple of reasons. One, I’m paranoid and I don’t like the idea of him having free range in a room where I cannot see him or at least be close by or at least be awake when said free ranging is taking place. It’s not that his room is a dangerous place, per se, but I worry about things like him deciding to gnaw on the power cord that goes to his music player, or exploring the glorious contents of the diaper pail, or simply pulling everything off his many shelves. The problem is also compounded by the fact that a toddler bed is not an option at the cabin due to the configuration and nature of the room in which he sleeps, so he’s still stuck in the Pack n Play up there.

We did have a brief period between when he discovered he could escape the Pack n Play but hadn’t figured out the crib yet, so I had a short time to think. I studied his escape method closely. He would hike a leg up onto the side, sort of push off with his other foot while pulling with his hands, and then just shift his weight until he rolled over the side. It finally occurred to me that if I could prevent him from hiking his leg up, he wouldn’t be able to get out. A-HA!

We went back to our trusty sleep sacks. Like many parents, we had used sleep sacks to keep him warm rather than blankets for well over a year. When he outgrew our largest size, we felt comfortable putting him down with just his blankie and warm PJ’s (plus we live in Southern California). But the sleep sack did an excellent job of containing his feet, and while he had some wiggle room to shuffle around in, there was no way he would be able to lift his leg up that high and get out.

Locking diaper pins

Our problem, for now, is solved. Well that one, anyway. We did encounter two other problems: 1) finding a sleep sack big enough for our 32-pound, well-over-33″ chunkster, and 2) preventing him from unzipping it. For problem 1, I turned to Aden and Anais Sleeping Bags. I absolutely love these muslin sleep sacks. They are light and breathable, which is so nice in the summer, and ours have held up so well. Plus they come in an XL, which is supposed to go up to 36 pounds. It fits well for now, and I do think it’s going to buy us enough time to get him successfully transferred to a toddler bed (and well-protected twin at the cabin).

The A+A sleeping bags zip at the bottom, so I solved the second problem with a locking diaper pin. I was nervous that he could undo a regular safety pin, but locking diaper pins are much more difficult for little hands to figure out. The head of the pin slides open and shut, and you have to slide it out and then unfasten the pin to get it open. Again, it’s all about buying more time.

The sleep sack solution won’t work for every child, of course, but if you’re facing the same issue, that’s what works for me!

Fa La La La La

Fell off the exercise ball at the gym today. I swear is just rolled right out from under me. There was a nice loud echo through the class as my rear hit the hardwood floor.  Loud enough for the instructor to stop the class and ask if I was alright. “Yes, fine”, I say as everyone stares at me. But it hurt and I’m sure I’ll be feeling it by the time I post this. Last month I tripped during a sprinting exercise and bruised my knee pretty good. I just kept going like nothing happened, trying not to draw more attention to myself. It’s tough being accident prone.

No pilgrims present at this Thanksgiving feast.

My child’s kindergarten class had a Thanksgiving feast at school. Out of three classes, none of the teachers decided to designate any pilgrims. And so the feast consisted only of Native Americans who I’m pretty sure weren’t all that thankful to the colonists after receiving small pox in return.  Just struck me as an odd (and horribly inaccurate) history lesson. They sure looked cute in their little headbands and vests, though.

So I was at a fast food place one day, watching the kids play in one of those indoor playgrounds that resemble a big hamster cage. While at first it seemed like a fun idea,  it annoyed me that the openings are so small that adults cannot go in and retrieve a child when it’s time to leave and you can’t actually see where the children are until they appear in one of the little bubble windows. Then I saw a toddler go in wearing nothing but a diaper and it occurred to me that if that diaper leaks in there or someone gets sick, no adult is going in to clean it. Like ever. And then I glimpsed a girl who seemed to be bleeding and crying but I couldn’t quite tell through the blurry plastic window. I informed the mom who was so engrossed in her cell phone conversation that she didn’t bother to check it out. Found out later that another child actually hit her and that is why she was bleeding. So now I have to be concerned about:

  1. extremely unsanitary conditions in there
  2. not being able to yank my boy out when it’s time to go
  3. bully’s preying on him

I think I’ll just stick to unenclosed outdoor structures from now on. That is a definitely a plus of living in SoCal. My child envies his cousins back east for their basements full of toys. He doesn’t realize it is a substitute for playing outside during the colder months and many rainy days. I remember well the hours my friends and I spent rollerskating in my parent’s basement. My brother and sister’s rock band practiced down there. Yes, a basement has its privileges, I guess. But I still prefer the sunshine.

I love the Christmas season but it seems to be getting longer every year. I do not want to see decorations two weeks before Thanksgiving and I certainly don’t want to look at Christmas trees at retail stores in October. Let’s give Halloween and Thanksgiving their due!

Rocky can’t decide what he wants for Christmas so he is going to tell Santa to surprise him. I said what if he brings you underwear? “No, Mom,” he argues. “Santa only brings toys.” I have no clue what the hottest toy for a 5 year old boy is but I guess I don’t have to spend any time hunting it down since it’s not on his radar. Whew!

Does anyone else do their shopping in the following matter? One for so and so and one for me. Oooh, I like that and I found a great deal on it – half off! One for a relative and another one for me equals the original price so that’s fair. Like buy one get one free. With so many items on the Christmas bill, no one will notice it is padded with stuff for me, right? After all, Hubby is a last minute shopper so he only gets what’s left …

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