Gerber Bunch-A-Bowls

With all of the elaborate and expensive crap there is out there to buy for babies and children, sometimes it’s just really, really nice when a cheap option is the perfect product. And when it comes to toddler feeding, there’s no more perfect product than NUK Gerber Graduates Bunch-A-Bowls.

Don't underestimate my awesomeness

Oh it seems simple enough–little plastic bowls with lids in happy friendly colors, and I even picked them up as an impulse item thinking they might come in handy someday. And now we use them, like, several times a day, every day. Don’t let their rather humble simplicity put you off. Sure, they’re not as flashy as a contour-molded suction cup bowl scientifically designed to encourage independent eating while teaching your child four different languages and the text of Shakespeare’s Hamlet (unabridged!), but they get the job done and then some, and at the end of the day, isn’t that what we’re really looking for?

Allow me to extol the virtues of the NUK Gerber Bunch-A-Bowl.

  1. Lids that fit tightly but don’t break your fingernails getting them off. Maybe it’s strange to kick off this list with lids, but these babies are air tight and absolutely waterproof. You can toss them in your diaper bag without fear of leaks or spills, but they have a handy tab that makes it easy to get them off.
  2. Size. They are the perfect size for so many things. With finger foods, each bowl is pretty much one toddler serving size, so it even helps portioning. When I’m packing up meals for Mouse, I loosely fill the bowl and that’s just about exactly what he eats.
  3. Additionally, they are the size of a jar of baby food plus baby cereal. When we were still feeding purees, I used to thicken it with some baby cereal. On the go, I’d just put a couple spoonfuls of dry cereal in the bowl with the lid, then take along a jar. When it was time to eat I’d just pour the jar into the bowl, mix it up, and it was totally the perfect size.

    One portion of mashed potatoes, one of cut-up apple, ready to go!

  4. Dishwasher-friendly. This is a term I just made up in my own head that’s different than dishwasher-safe. Lots of things are dishwasher-safe but they are still a serious pain in the rear, particularly things that collect water that then gets dumped over the clean dishes when you pull out the rack. These bowls and lids are easy to stack in the dishwasher and don’t collect water, which I love. Also they don’t warp in the dishwasher–another big plus for me.
  5. BPA-Free. Oh yeah.
  6. Microwave safe. I’ve never used them in the microwave, but you can if you want to.
  7. Stackable . They’re very easy to store, as they stack quite neatly into one another and don’t take up a lot of space.
  8. Perfect for leftovers. When we have leftovers, it’s super-easy to just divide them up into individual bowls. Then when the next meal comes around, I can grab a bowl and it’s already set up for me.
  9. Unbreakable. Obviously, because they’re plastic, but if kiddo is into throwing his tableware, these aren’t going to suffer any damage.
  10. CHEAP!!!!! This is the best part of all–they’re CHEAP! A 4-pack will run you around $6.00 or less, and they last forever. We’re going on well over a year on our first set and they work just as well as the day I bought them.

I really do love these bowls. They’re so simple, yet so effective, and so cheap! NUK Gerber Graduates Bunch-A-Bowls, works for me!

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I Want My Dang TV!

I like TV. Quite a bit. But, if you had asked me a month ago if I could completely give TV up for several weeks, I would have stated unequivocally that, yes, I could live without it. Then, on Election Day, my beautiful, beloved, magnificent 42-inch plasma TV died. This TV was 2 years and 6 days old, and it would not turn on. And, yes, we are a one TV house. (If you read the Scrivener’s post about her recent power steering problems, you’re going to think we all are having major issues with our stuff right now.) 

To jump ahead for a second, as I type this, I am currently watching Conan on a borrowed 13-inch TV/VCR combo. 

Yes, that means my TV is still broken. The warranty is expired, but the company has offered to pay for our parts. There is still a huge labor cost we have to pay, but at least they are willing to help us. Or, so we thought. We have spent what feels like hours on the phone with their customer service representatives, and we just cannot get the same answer twice. There is some fax they have to send to the authorized repair shop to actually authorize the repair. They told us this simple fax will take 2 business days to be sent. They also told us that when they receive faxes, it takes 2 business days to log their receipt in to the system. I’m sorry, but are there that many of their televisions out there that have turned to complete crap and won’t work that it takes 2 days to get through the fax queue?

It turns out that our power board is fried, but there is no guarantee that this is the only part that is bad. They can’t troubleshoot the other circuit boards in our TV until the power board is functional. They are telling us that the earliest the power board will be in is tomorrow, although, realistically, we’re looking at closer to Thanksgiving – unless the part is on backorder. If it’s on backorder, it could be weeks. Then, once that part comes in and gets replaced, we’ll see if the TV is operational. If not, we have to wait some more.

Not having a working TV has turned me in to an absolute grouch. I suppose that has something to do with the fact that I missed two weeks of Glee and the premiere of Conan. I do have a laptop with DVD capabilities, and I have a fast enough internet connection that I can watch TV shows on Hulu. But, it’s just not the same. 

We have contemplated buying another TV, but there’s a reason we are a one TV house.  We had a TV in our bedroom for a while and never used it.  And, our girls are way too young to have a TV in their room.  All of this means we’d have a spare TV literally sitting in a box somewhere growing technologically obsolete. We are grateful that a friend loaned us a TV over the weekend (Yay for friends who own multiple TVs!), and we are just going to hope that our dear TV manufacturer decides to get their act together and fix our plasma before we usher in 2011. Please?