As Three We Sleep

…well not quite. Scooby and Puppet are snoozing, but I’m too paranoid Scooby will swat Puppet in the head in his sleep and I’m just balancing on the outer edge of the twin bed only anchored by Puppet on my breast. What did parents do before there were guardrails on beds? I don’t remember any when I was little and my earliest memories are of 3 years old. I do remember getting put back into my twin bed and told to stay there but how could I? The sun was still up. Then it came to me…I was literally tucked in. It’s not just a term of endearment. Parents tucked their kids into bed so they wouldn’t fall out.

Watching Scooby, he stares up at his outstretched hands and contorts his fingers into different shapes. Maybe he will bring back shadow puppetry.

Dividing my time between the two is heart wrenching. My oldest Scooby (20 months) still needs his mama but the newborn Puppet (2 months) is so helpless and totally dependent upon me, but we’re working together to find a balance. Scooby has now realized what he has been missing. He wants to sleep in bed with me now like Puppet does. He wants to be held and carried down the hall to get changed, all 31 pounds of him. Don’t get me wrong, the cuddles and kisses are wonderful in comparison to him pushing me away and being so independent. Things become difficult when I’m trying to breastfeed Puppet and Scooby wants my sole attention.

Scooby has definitely taken Puppet into the fold as Puppet was the first person Scooby gave kisses too and now he enjoys giving kisses to his father and me. Scooby has been able to elicit some firsts for Puppet as well. Puppet enjoys giggling at Scooby’s antics which bring us tears of joy. The addition to our family has definitely brought us all closer together.