Hunting Season

Today is the first day of Hunting Season! No, not deer hunting or whatever else you shoot hunting–today is opening day of the Great Cloth Diaper Hunt, or the GCDH. The GCDH is an internet scavenger hunt, where hunters look through sponsor sites to find the coveted GCDH icon. The GCDH is run by Diaper Decisions and runs the entire month of November. Sponsor sites not only sell cloth diapers–many sell other items for moms, kids, and families. Most of the sponsor sites are mom-owned. After you register as a hunter, you then go to each sponsor site and hunt for the GCDH icon. Sponsors place the icon within 4 clicks from the main site, and most offer clues and riddles to find the icon. There is also the Extreme Hunt, which is a more difficult hunt, usually needing far more canny and attention than the regular hunt, but Extreme entries offer a bigger payoff. Each time you find an icon, you are entered into a drawing at Diaper Decisions. There are daily drawings as well as other prizes available. The best part is that sponsors offer special deals and discounts to hunters. The point of the hunt is to visit all kinds of new websites you may have never visited before. I have found a number of sites I never would have come across as otherwise. And there’s nothing better than supporting small businesses, particularly mom-owned businesses, because we moms need to stick together! The hunt isn’t difficult and you can jump in anytime–simply register at Diaper Decisions and start hunting. Who knows–you might win something, and you’ll definitely find some great sites and deals you never knew of before. Plus it’s perfect for holiday shopping. Don’t miss the Great Cloth Diaper Hunt!