Feeling a Bit Bombarded With Information


I guess it all started with my baby’s rash. My first son Scooby has eczema which is pretty well controlled, so when my second son Puppet started to break out at 3 weeks old, I wasn’t worried. At first we chalked it up to my hormones. Then when his whole head and neck were covered, we figured it was heat rash, so I took more layers off of him. Then, it spread to his entire body like eczema. Now, we were getting concerned. The doctor said it looked like dermatitis probably from scents. I was already using ALL free and clear, so I switched to Cheer free and clear and made sure we had free and clear dryer sheets. Still this rash persisted, so we switched to different baby formulas and even did a trial of soy; that only constipated him and did not help the rash. Soy is highly allergenic so why on earth is it an alternative?  I continued to breastfeed and was conscientious of my diet, but still no relief.

I started to research. One day I happened upon the Soy Alert page on the Weston Price Foundation website, which opened my eyes to genetically modified (GMO) soy and its dangers. It is in almost everything that is processed. Soon after that, I read a Facebook (FB) post about worldwide studies that were squashed by their respective governments and the scientists denounced for their findings. The shocking results were that GMO-soy was killing baby rats within 3 weeks’ time. From Dr. Greene’s FB post, I read about how cotton is manufactured and how dangerous that was. Could this be the cause of my sons’ mysterious rash? 

I felt so guilty when I looked at the label of my son’s formula and saw all the different oils in it, not to mention it is not organic. I felt like I was killing my sons. Then after using the babies’ body wash, my skin flared up, and I realized the culprit. I’m truly at a loss upon reading the label on the baby body wash. I haven’t a clue what is causing the reaction in all of us. It’s supposedly 99.6% natural. We’re back to good ole Aveeno and that has done the trick. Rash abated.   

My research didn’t end there. I ended up sharing that link about the scientists’ findings on FB, and a well-respected friend of mine commented. Her husband has been a professor of agriculture for 40 years and she linked a WHO page of 20 FAQs about GMO foods. She reiterated that it is not possible to feed the entire globe without GMO foods. She also mentioned that the government has stricter laws nowadays regarding GMO foods than from back in the day, and we’re still here. Good point!

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