Quick and Easy Jack-O-Lantern

So back on Monday we introduced you to Red Ted Art, and just reading the interview again made me feel inspired. Red Ted’s cover article, Satsuma Lanterns, immediately grabbed my eye. ‘Round these parts, we call Satsumas mandarins or Clementines, which I happened to have none of. But because we live in California and we’re all fancy and stuff, we do have some regular oranges, so I decided to make an Orange-O-Lantern!

It was quite simple to make! Take your orange (or citrus fruit of your choice) and slice off the top:

Using a spoon, carve out the innards. Now if you’re using Clementines or any easily-peeled citrus, this part will be easy. If not, your result may look like this. Which I have decided to go at with my immersion blender and make some nice, pulpy orange juice.

Once you’ve done away with the insides, carefully carve a face into the peel. Maggy used little nail scissors, and I think those would be most helpful with thin-skinned Clementines, but with regular oranges (and no nail scissors), I just went at it with a small knife. After you’re done carving your face (the Orange-O-Lantern’s face, I mean), then pop in a tea light and you’re done!

I was going for the goofy, toothy grin, but from this angle he looks a little bit like a cat. Go figure. Now I’m off for some fresh, fresh OJ. Happy carving!