From the Tree to the Table

The Bugster Picking an Apple

Me and The Big Cheese in the Orchard

Every fall, we drive an hour and a half inland to apple country. There is a small community at the base of the mountains that makes its living on agriculture and, particularly, on a large apple crop.  

This year was no different. We took the girls out and went nuts in the orchard. Even Bugster was able to pick the apples right off the trees.  We picked Macintosh, Newtown Pippin, and Rome apples.  I wanted to make sure we got 3 different varieties, because I’ve heard that makes the best apple pie. 

I had never made an apple pie from scratch before.  In fact, I had always dismissed it as way too much work.  But, the Big Cheese loves to cook with me, so I thought this could be the year. 

The minute we got home, the Big Cheese started asking when we were making the apple pie. We ended up making it on Sunday. 

We started with the crust.  The Big Cheese assisted with dumping the dry ingredients in to the mixing bowl.  She was responsible for putting the ice in the water to make it extra cold and also with counting how many tablespoons of water I had put in the bowl. Then, in the pie plate goes the bottom crust. 

Then, it was time for peeling and slicing apples.  The Big Cheese hand selected the apples for me 

and kept track of how many cups of apples were ready for the pie.  When it was time to season the apples, The Big Cheese was there to add the spices and stir away.  We then filled the pie plate and put on the top crust, only pausing to sample some of the raw dough we trimmed off.  

In to the oven for 50 minutes, and voila!  A thing of beauty! 

While the pie was still in the oven, The Big Cheese was already asking when we were going to make another one.  She had so much fun doing – and so did I.  I’m actually contemplating making another one for Thanksgiving.  And,  the added bonus is that The Big Cheese learned a lot about agriculture and where food actually comes from and has no idea that she was learning!  

Look what we made!Yummy!