More Committed? or Apathetic?

I’ve been hearing reports about how over-committed everyone is these days, with meetings and sports teams and church groups and on and on.  Personally, I have been observing a change in this trend, and I was wondering what you, our readers, think about it.

I am in a moms group that has activities scheduled 4-5 times a week.  The group asks members to make it to one event a month.  However, lately, everyone is opting to stay home and spend quality time with their families or one-on-one time with their kiddos, either in a mommy and me class or some special outing.

I know that now that I have one child in preschool, I certainly have more meetings in my life.  And, since I belong to an HOA, I have those meetings.  But, when it comes to our social calendar, it’s filled with family outings.  Yes, we do have the occasional birthday party, but we usually fill our weekends with outings: the zoo or aquarium, Chuck E. Cheese, the park.  And, yes, we plan trips to the park.  If we saw we should go to the park over the weekend, it might happen.  But, if we plan on going Saturday before dinner, it will happen. 

The other trend I have been observing is that people are willing to either commit to 100% or nothing.  I don’t know what to make of that.  I think it’s perfectly fine to take your son to storytime once in a while.  But, I have friends that set aside every Wednesday afternoon for storytime, and it’s non-negotiable.  Now, some of that could be the commitment to quality family time I mentioned above, but I also wonder if some that is a leaning towards inflexibility.  I love my local library’s storytime.  But, if I have the chance to take my kids to have lunch with Daddy or on some sort of social outing with their playmates, I am willing to skip storytime that week.  My kids don’t complain, the librarian has no shortage of people to listen to her, and I feel my children are getting more fully enriched.  I know people that won’t go to one storytime if they can’t go every week.  What’s wrong with exposing your kid to new experiences?  (And, yes, “storytime” is a euphemism for a lot of other things in life.)

I am having trouble even juggling these observations and trying to make sense of them.  In one sense, I think people are becoming more family-focused, and I personally think that’s wonderful.  But, in the other sense, I think we are becoming a bunch of apathetic losers.

Wow.  I guess somebody really ticked me off today!  I would love to read your thoughts.  Do share.