Help Me Clean This Rug!

Rather than a Works For Me Wednesday, I’m throwing out a What Works For You Wednesday.

Dog will be removed before cleaning

Here’s my dilemma. We have this area rug in the living room which I LOVE. It’s one of those that’s braided out of fabric like Grandma makes if Grandma worked at Crate and Barrel. And now I need to clean it. But there are a couple of problems here:

  • It’s big and covers most of the floor, so while there are a few spots that are dirtier than others, in order not to look odd I’m probably going to have to clean the whole thing.
  • There’s no backing underneath. It’s sitting right on top of the hardwood floor.
  • Said hardwood floor is original to the house and almost 90 years old, so it’s not in the greatest shape.
  • I’m not 100% opposed to icky chemicals but I’d prefer to avoid or minimize them

Now I know what you’re saying–steam clean it! However, my concerns about steam cleaning are threefold:

  1. I’m extremely worried that the steam will totally warp and completely jack up the hardwood floor underneath. Did I mention it’s original to the house and almost 90 years old?
  2. I don’t own a steam cleaner and am pretty sure I don’t know anyone else who does (though I haven’t really asked yet)
  3. I’m really cheap and would rather not rent one

So HELP ME CLEAN THIS RUG!!! Hit me with your best suggestions. I’m begging you!

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