Go Ahead–Eat That Cookie Dough!

You know what’s totally awesome? Eating raw cookie dough. You know what can totally kill you? Eating raw cookie dough. So what’s a cookie dough-loving person supposed to do? Well, dear readers,  I have the solution for you.

Store-brand egg whites sit atop the Betty Crocker cookbook

It’s the raw eggs that make cookie dough potentially dangerous due to salmonella (although Train Guy is also concerned about worms). And it’s not like you can cook the raw egg and then add it to the dough. But you CAN buy pasteurized, uncooked eggs!

Don't even bother to heat the oven--this is going straight into my mouth

That’s right, folks. Egg Beaters are not just for old people with clogged arteries. Egg Beaters, or the store version thereof, are pasteurized egg whites still in their liquid form. And since they’re still in their liquid form, you can use them in cookie dough just like you’re use a whole egg. I suppose if you’re a cookie snob you would balk at the lack of taste and texture the all-important yolk provides. But if you are such a person, you’re probably not making the cookie dough with absolutely zero intention of turning them into cookies in the first place.

So go ahead and eat that cookie dough. You’ll be glad you did.