WFMW: Ending Nighttime Diaper Leaks

We are a disposable diaper family.  More specifically, we are a Pampers family.  Both of our girls wore Pampers Swaddlers as infants and moved up to Pampers Cruisers.  And, disposable diapers have worked really well for us.  Except at night. 

Nighttime solution for The Big Cheese

They worked really well for The Big Cheese until she was almost 2, and then, she started waking up every morning with both wet sheets and wet pants.  During the day, she never had any leaks, so we sought out something just for nighttime.  We discovered Pampers Extra Protection.  They are wonderful!  They are like regular Pampers diapers, but they are more absorbent.  Even the characters on the diapers are sleeping or wearing pajamas.

The Bugster started leaking at nighttime at closer to a year.  I immediately went to the store for some Extra Protection diapers –only to find out the smallest size is a 4.  The Bugster only wears a Size 3.  So, we decided to put her in a regualr Size 4 diaper at night.  It’s bigger by just enough to be absorbent throughout the night without too much extra bulk.

Two different solutions, and they both led to dry nights.  Now, THAT works for me!

Works-For-Me Wednesday

3 Responses

  1. I’m a coupon and sale mummy when it comes to buying nappies – I buy especially when it’s on sale and I have a coupon!

    But anyway, I digress. I had been using Huggies recently (killer sale, great value!) but we were having problems with nighttime leaks. I recently tried putting her in Pampers Active fit at night and that’s really worked. Only one wet night in the last fortnight. They really cling to her tummy and don’t let the wee out, even when she wiggles all over the place!

  2. We had a similar experience with nighttime leaks but it was Huggies overnights that saved us. I heard from other moms that for some reason Huggies worked better for boys and Pampers for girls. It’s been a few years since Rocky was in diapers so maybe that’s changed. Glad you found something that worked for you, it’s a relief not to wash bedding every day.

  3. I found some nighttime diapers at BRB that worked awsome for us – i think they are made by Fisher Price. Never have had a leak with these ones!

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