A Visit to a Build-A-Bear Workshop

Our New Jedi Bear

I never really entertained the idea of visiting a Build-A-Bear Workshop because I figured it was all just a pricey gimmick. And it kind of is. But on this occasion Rocky, hubby and I were walking by one of the stores and saw a sign announcing the new Star Wars line. It also happened to be my birthday and Rocky decided it would be a great gift for him/me.

It took me a few minutes to figure out what was what but basically you pick an unstuffed body and go from there. The official Star Wars bear body (meaning it says Star Wars on the foot) cost $22 without any accessories. We weren’t concerned about the logo so we picked a plain brown bear for $12. Rocky got to help stuff the bear using a cool machine and inserted a little heart. I selected a little music box to place inside the hand that played the Star Wars theme, realizing too late that this cost extra ($6). Our Jedi bear was sewn and then we picked his outfit (another $15), registered him and received an official birth certificate. I decided to forego the little boots (still debating whether to go back and get them) so the total cost was about $36.

In hindsight I’m thinking I should’ve just bought the outfit to fit on one of our existing stuffed animals. But it was fun to go through the whole process just this once. If you are thinking of trying it, go for the less expensive bear bodies and spend on the outfits instead. Aside from the Star Wars stuff, the holiday wear is really cute and the sports bears (pick your favorite team) make a fun gift even for an adult. I also thought the military bears were a great idea for anyone with a relative in the armed forces. For a small fee you can create a sound box with a 10 second recording of your voice to put inside the bear. Very comforting if you have to be away from a loved one for any period of time.

If you don’t have a store nearby, you can peruse and order any of their products online at buildabear.com.

***The Gen X Moms are no longer writing as a group (too many scheduling conflicts) but you can continue reading about my adventures with Rocky on my new blog at:


3 Responses

  1. We have a tradition in our family that Jacob purchases a Build a Bear for Katie each Christmas………as parents we buy all of accessories for the bear…..we go as a family to the store and it is so fun to watch the kids build it together. I love to watch Katie making a wish on the bear’s heart before it is sewn in, her little eyes closed tight, plus she always makes Jacob give the heart a kiss. Yes, it is more money for the sound, but it is fun. Glad you were able to make a cute Jedi (I like the bear’s feet without the boots!)

  2. What a cool tradition, Kelli. Maybe we’ll have to revisit during the holidays and start a collection.

  3. Build a bear is how we’ve “disposed” of the kids’ pacifiers. I read about it in a parents magazine and for our overly hands-on (and mouth-on) kid it was fantastic. Our second less orally fixated kid could have just lost the pacifier, but to him getting the bear was more like a rite of passage. The pacifiers are ticked into the bear (during the stuffing process) and if they really need them, you can feel around and find them, so instead of going to bed with a paci, they go to bed with the bear.

    The next step of course will be to get them to go to bed without the bear!

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