Conveniently Green: Cleaning Your Microwave

Okay, I’ll admit it–my microwave gets pretty nasty. I know I should invest in one of those splatter screens or whatever, but things boil over, blah blah blah MESS. Don’t judge me.

Don't judge me by the state of my microwave! Judge me by the state of the rest of my house!

Back in the day, I cleaned my microwave with a Clorox wipe. It got the gunk out and disinfected, but then I realized, why do I need to disinfect the walls of my microwave? It’s not like I scrape food off of the wall of the microwave and stick it back in the bowl because food is expensive and there are starving children in third world countries who would love to have my microwave-wall droppings. So let’s do better, right?

I love cleaning my microwave with plain old water. That’s right–water. Over on Practically Green, one of their action items is Clean Your Microwave Without Using Any Chemicals (catchy title or what???) and hey, I get Practically Green points so I might as well clean out the microwave, right? Or something.

Anyway, take a measuring cup or bowl of water, stick a lemon in there (where available), nuke that thing until it boils for a while, and then the moisture melts off the gunk and you can wipe it away with a damp towel or washcloth. No kidding–just wipe it all away.

These lemons aren't ripe but I used them anyway. Ha.

We have a couple of lemon trees. I grabbed two smaller, unripe lemons from the smaller tree and they worked just fine. The lemon in the water adds a pleasant scent. But if you don’t happen to have a lemon onhand that you aren’t using, for goodness sake, don’t go out and buy one. Plain old water works the same way.

Bonus tip! Throw those lemons into the garbage disposal and grind them up. They’ll make your sink smell lovely.

Clean your microwave with water! Conveniently Green: Just a little bit less.

That's better