I'm an Amazon Mom

If you have a baby–listen up. Or just listen up anyway.

So you know, diapers are expensive. We use cloth diapers much of the time, but for convenience, leaving the house, wash days, and during diaper rashes, we use disposables. You’re not supposed to use diaper rash cream with a cloth diaper, and we do leave the house on a regular basis, so we do go through our share of disposables.

All babies are different shapes and sizes, as you know if you happen to have one, so different babies fit different diapers differently. In a different way. For different babies. Some babies can only really fit into a few or one brand of diapers. Lucky for us, Mouse is one of those babies! He can only wear one of the most expensive disposables on the market: Huggies Little Movers. Not Luvs, not the Target brand or any other store brand, not even Pampers which seems to have a lot better coupons than Huggies. In fact, our most disastrous diaper experience came with Pampers. It was complete ADF (Atomic Diaper Fail). We were in Europe, and that’s exactly what you want while on vacation in a foreign country: ADF. So we’re a Huggies family. And not even Huggies Snug and Dry which they sell at Costco and are relatively cheap. Nope. Huggies Little Movers. Which cost more. Because apparently that’s what Mouse is. A Little Mover. I hope that doesn’t mean he’s in for a promising career as a Big Mover.

My child does not look like this, but isn't she cute?

Anyway, so we are also Amazon fanatics in this house. We have an Amazon Visa and use it for everything and get tons of points (= $$$) from Amazon. So I like to buy things from Amazon. I also like buying things online because it’s like Christmas when it arrives on the doorstep. And sometimes when it takes a long time, I’ve even forgotten what I purchased so it’s like a nice surprise. The only member of our household who does not like Amazon is Digory the beagle, who is convinced that the UPS guy is going to invade the house.

Amazon has a handy little thing for ordering diapers called Subscribe and Save. The name is kind of self-explanatory–you save 15% on diapers and they automatically come to your house for whatever time you’ve specified. I have always avoided Subscribe and Save in the past because I was never sure how long Mouse was going to stay in a particular size of diaper, plus I hate it when things automatically get charged to my card and sent to me and I forget that’s going to happen. But then I learned about Amazon Mom.

Amazon Mom is a free program that 1) gives you an additional 15% off Subscribe and Save diapers, 2) gives you free Amazon Prime shipping for 3 months with the opportunity to extend that, and 3) sends you annoying emails to try to get you to buy more stuff. Obviously for Amazon, numbers 1 and 2 exist so that they can send you 3, but for the benefit of 1 and 2, I’m willing to put up with some emails (and actually I haven’t even gotten one yet).

Amazon Prime shipping is free 2-day shipping. Well it’s not free–you have to buy a subscription to Amazon Prime which I think is like $70 a year and then you get 2-day shipping on qualified items. I’ve never purchased Prime because I’m cheap, and because most items that qualify for Prime also qualify for Super Saver shipping, which is free standard shipping with a minimum of $25. Super Saver shipping can take a while, but I’m willing to wait if it saves me $70 a year. However, I’m not going to turn down my nose at free Prime, so I’m happy with that Amazon Mom benefit. Plus for every $25 you spend in a single order of Baby items, you get an extra month of Prime. And since I still buy baby stuff…

The 30% off diapers is really the best deal. Now I know some moms do the super-duper-uber coupon thing where they buy several papers and wait and stack coupons and scour the web for awesome deals, and I have to say I’m in awe of those moms, but I am not one of them. I try to use a coupon whenever possible, but for the most part I don’t get those really serious bargains. Which is why 30% off diapers is a big deal for me.

With Amazon Mom, our Size 5 Huggies Little Movers come down to 23 cents a diaper. Perhaps I could do it cheaper the above way, but quite frankly, 23 cents a diaper that get delivered to my house without me having to move a finger is just about as awesome as it gets. Especially compared to sites like Diapers.com, which I think is one of the biggest rip-off sites on the web. They suck you in with a first-order coupon but if you pay attention, their Size 5 Huggies Little Movers come out to 40 cents per diaper. I mean, REALLY??? I could go out to 7-11 and get them for cheaper, practically. Drugstore.com has them at 37 cents/diaper, Walgreens will send them to you for 39 cents/diaper, and Babies R Us are happy to drop them off at 33 cents/diaper.

In other words, if you’re lazy, totally brand-loyal out of necessity, don’t like hunting down coupons and shopping several different stores at different times, and like things showing up on your doorstep in 2 days, I highly recommend Amazon Mom.

Now yes, you do have to subscribe. However, you can choose 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, or 6 months delivery, and you can cancel any time. I chose 3 months so in December if I have too many on my hands, I’ll just cancel. Or I can always bump up the subscription. Amazon makes it very easy to cancel, as long as you remember to do so.

So if you’ve got a kid in diapers, definitely check out Amazon Mom. Or even if you don’t care about any other benefit, sign up for Amazon Mom to get 3 free months of Prime shipping!