Storytime At Home

I wanted to take this opportunity to share a fun at-home activity with you.  It is actually the product of The Big Cheese’s brain, so I need to give her the credit she deserves.  One day, we were getting ready to go to the library for storytime, and The Big Cheese declared she didn’t want to go to the library.  “Let’s have storytime at home, Mommy.”  When I asked her exactly what she meant by this, she stated she wanted to read books, sing songs, and do a craft afterwards.  This was the birth of Storytime at Home.

I love this activity because it’s the one time The Big Cheese actually lets me pick what I am going to read, and it’s a fun activity for both of the girls to enjoy.  We sit on the floor together and start with a song, usually “If You’re Happy and You Know It.”  Then, I read the first book.  Sometimes, I try to choose titles with an overarching theme, but there are just as many days I simply read what I want to read.  After the book, we sing another song.  I try to match the song to the book as much as possible.  If it’s a book about transportation, for instance, we may sing “Wheels on the Bus.”  We read a book with the characters from Disney’s Cars and then promptly sang “Wheels on the Race Car,” making up the verses as we went.  And, sometimes, we just sing a song because we like it.  That’s the really cool thing about this activity – you can change it around as much as you like to fit your kids’ moods and personalities.  I also use this activity as an opportunity to teach them new songs.  I’ll tell them I’m going to sing something new, and then I’ll sing it myself once and then have them sing with me the second time, just like the librarians do at storytime.

Bugster usually grabs a book when she sees us getting on the floor, so her pick gets worked in, too.  Our storytime usually includes 3-4 books with songs in between each one.  At the end of storytime, we close with “The Goodbye Song,” two times through.  While waving goodbye, we sing, “Goodbye, Goodbye, We’ll see you soon, see you soon, see you soon.  Goodbye, Goodbye, We’ll see you soon, on another day.

Then, it’s on to craft time.  We have a lot of craft supplies, but I must admit that they’re rather weak.  We have the basics: construction paper, scissors, glue sticks, stickers, and pipe cleaners.  The Big Cheese proclaims what our craft will be each time, unless I am fast enough with a good suggestion.  We made princess crowns once, which were strips of construction paper taped together and decorated with pipe cleaners and stickers.  So simple, but the girls wore them for hours.   Trust me – if I can make the girls happy with such basic crafts, you can come up with something.  The next time you are sitting around with bored kids, pull this one of your hat.  I’m willing to bet you will all enjoy yourselves.