WFMW: Removing Grease Spots from Clothes

Have I mentioned how much I love bacon? Because I do. I really, really do.  And even when I wear an apron frying it up, I still will occasionally splatter myself. And not just bacon, either–seems like I’m always getting some kind of oil stain or grease spot on myself. I always had trouble getting it out in the laundry too, especially if I didn’t catch it until after the dryer.

But all of my greasy laundry woes disappeared the day I took the advice of some random person on the internet and started using Dawn dish soap. The original blue formula.

See ya later, grease spots!

Simply rub a few drops of Dawn onto the stain and let it soak in for a minute or so, then launder as normal. This works even if the grease spot has been through the dryer once (or twice, or four times) already. I almost look for opportunities to slather my clothing with grease so I can feel so accomplished when I get it out.

It’s the little things.

Does it have to be Dawn? Does it have to be blue? Well, I actually compared 3 different dish soaps, one of which was blue Dawn and the other two were…not blue Dawn (I can’t remember, okay?), and the blue Dawn really did the job better than the other two. Plus the blue Dawn is the soap they use to clean off the wildlife affected by oil spills. And hey, if it’s good enough for a baby harp seal, it’s good enough for me. I mean I’m not going to go over and beat you up if you use something else, but if your dish soap doesn’t work, don’t blame me.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, if you’re going Conveniently Green by using cloth napkins and ditching paper towels, you can simply shoot in a quick squirt of Dawn with your napkins and towels and remove the grease from those too! And if you use cloth diapers, Dawn is a great way to strip them as well. (only use a few drops with an HE machine)

AND! AND! It’s made by P&G so there are lots of coupons for it if you keep an eye out.

I keep a small bottle of blue Dawn in my laundry closet–works for me!

Works-For-Me Wednesday

More Tuesday Ramblings

My son turns 5 this week so I’ve been clearing out old toys to make room for new ones. Wish I could include more from my list of most annoying toys but most are still beloved and in use.

Is it bad to expose your kid to extra television in pursuit of good cleaning habits? It only took a couple of episodes of Clean House to convince Rocky of what can happen if we don’t pick up after ourselves. Plus it always makes me feel better about my house even when it’s not looking its best. Which, of course, won’t be this week because my mom and dad are coming to stay. Look Mom, no dust! Oh how I used to argue with the sibs over who got the worst chore. Like there’s any difference between vacuuming, dusting or folding towels all afternoon (Each of us kids used at least two towels at a time and never reused them before throwing into the laundry – sorry, Mother Earth).

Took this snapshot of some meerkats at the San Diego Zoo. One can only guess what must be going through their minds as they mug for the cameras.

Football season arrives at last. I must pick a winner and a loser each week for the family pool. The kicker is that we can never pick the same team twice in each category. Losing the first week will set the tone for the rest of the season. Ah well, maybe I’ll just flip a coin. Too early to know who will be good. This year dear Rocky’s name is on the roster so he gets to pick. Should be interesting.

Today I have to go to the dentist to have 3 cavities filled. I got a clean bill of health during my last 6 month visit. My diet hasn’t changed. I got the (supposedly) kick-ass electric toothbrush. What gives? I asked the dentist and the gals who work in the dental office. They just shrugged and said as you get older, your teeth go downhill like the rest of your body. That’s it??? The assistants both said they had teeth problems and one of them went on to say her solution was to brush at least 6 times a day! Should I be worried that the people working at my dentist’s office have these issues?

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