First Week of School

Rocky has officially been a kindergartener for almost a week now. The first morning he was having second thoughts and reasoned that perhaps another day at home would be best. Once I pushed him out the door, however, he was good to go. After just a few short hours (way shorter than I anticipated) he declared that kindergarten is “so, so much fun”. Whew! In fact, all the kids in the class seemed to take right to it, only the parents were left with tears in their eyes. Not this parent, surprisingly. I was more excited than sad. Maybe it’ll hit me later.

Yesterday I got the full report about how the kids created a list of class rules (with a little guidance from Mrs. P). Rocky’s contribution? “No one should tell another kid that he can’t sit or play with you.”  Way to be inclusive, my little man! This no doubt inspired by the little girl (not to be sexist but it’s almost always a girl) who announced on the playground that she would not play with him. He was quick to forgive, however, as he said she was a little nicer in class. Another thoughtful suggestion made was “do not eat glue”. You know there is always one kid that needs that rule on the list! I was so proud when we were on our way off campus and he stopped to introduce himself to the principal. I think he’s going to fit in just fine, mission accomplished.

Now to figure out how to best organize my new four hour time frame. It sounds like a lot after being glued to my child almost every day but the first few days have been a bust as far as getting as much done as I thought I’d have time to do. It’s a nice problem to have, don’t get me wrong. Ah well, there’s always much work to be done for our little blog. I know we keep mentioning that change is coming; it’s just taken a little longer than planned. Please stick with us, dear readers.

And speaking of the 80’s (okay, we weren’t but now we are because it’s been too long), I just rediscovered the Pretty in Pink soundtrack. Checked it out from the library yesterday. Echo and the Bunnymen, INXS, etc. An afternoon well spent. I think I might enjoy the school years more than I thought I would!