What's Your Child's Most Irritating Toy?

The whole room gets to hear this phone! Neato.

Do you have toys that get on your nerves after your child has been playing with them incessantly? Of course, you do and you are not alone! With the exception of musical instruments, most of the truly irritating toys are battery-operated so it’s worthwhile to try talking your child into playthings that don’t require batteries.

Sometimes, though, kids get gifts or they get fixated on the noisiest toys possible. All you can do is grin and bear it until the next great thing comes along. Or suffer the guilt that comes from “losing” or depriving your child of something he loves.

Here are some of Rocky’s favorites that I would nominate for most annoying toys. Think twice if you are considering any of these. I have had thoughts about “accidentally” breaking some of these but there are just too many of them!

The Librarian

4 Responses

  1. Oh my gosh Librarian! what a great video. I have to say, our most annoying toys right now are V-Tech’s My First Laptop (song: my first laptop is SO FUN! It’s made just for meeeeee) and V-Tech’s play telephone. Actually I think all V-Tech employees should have to take home 10 or 12 of their toys and press the buttons constantly. We also have a ride-on toy ATV that used to vroom vroom and play songs until it “broke” (Daddy took the batteries out). Once the noise had been neutralized, it’s not a bad toy, and he doesn’t miss the music.

  2. I am dying! I love the symphony — and am so glad it’s not at my house! I have made multiple mental notes to buy that globe for The Big Cheese some time. I’m thinking I may use some White-Out on it after hearing it!
    Our most annoying toy at the moment is one I bought. It’s a Circo toy from Target, and it’s called the Animal Sounds Bus. You can hear elephants, horses, dogs, sheep — and many others. And you can hear them loudly! I hate toys without volume controls . . .

  3. LMAO!! This is such a funny post! I love the end when all the toys are going off at the same time. And of course, little C loved your video and kept saying “again”… um no. Our most annoying toy right now is my iPhone. He videos himself and makes terribly annoying high pitch sounds and then plays them over and over on full blast.

    Like this little gem http://www.youtube.com/radrenee76#p/a/u/0/1K_kTiu5-C4

    • Rocky’s critique was that I neglected to open the hatch on the space ship which would’ve set off the especially noisy alien chatter. I owe my brother big for that toy.

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