Questions From a 4-Year-Old

Following in Daddy's footsteps

When I start kindergarten, will you get me a real cell phone? What if the teacher asks me to read something and I can’t do it? What if she’s too busy to answer all my questions? Mom, I might need to ask you!

I can’t stay little, I have to grow up and be a man just like Daddy! Will I need to shave, too? You need to buy me an electric razor so I’ll be ready.

When I get married we are going to need a bigger bed so my wife can cuddle with us, too. You mean we have to move to a different house? I REALLY don’t want to. What if I don’t find a wife? Can I stay with you and Daddy?

Will you come to my wedding?

Mommy, when I go to school you are going to miss me too much. Will you be sad?

You said I’d go to school when I’m 5 so how can my birthday be after I start school? I’ll still be 4! We should have my birthday first.

If you die, is it okay for Daddy to be the boss?

Is Santa watching me ALL the time? I guess I have to be on the naughty list because I don’t think I can be good that much.