Makeup? Hair? Or do you not care?

Like most high school students, I obsessed about my hair/makeup combo, and since it was the 80’s, the hair was of particular importance. Laugh now, young people, but that kind of hair took HOURS. I mean, there was the sitting in the salon for 4 hours with the spiral perm rods just for starters. And then if you had thin hair like me, half of the perm would fall out and you’d stand there for a half an hour every morning with a skinny curling iron just trying to make all your hair match.

And you haven’t even gotten to the bangs yet.

Laugh as you will, I have to say I’m kind of proud that my generation elevated (heh) bangs to the level of an art form. None of this gathering it up in a bunch and pinning it down with a barette that you see nowadays. No, the women of my generation–well let’s just say that when we’re in our nursing homes, the smell of Aqua Net is gonna bring us right back to high school.

Caboodle: The ONLY way to store your makeup

I went all throught high school, college, graduate school, and my first job getting up way early to fix my face. And then I got a job in Silicon Valley during the tech boom and suddenly “Casual Friday” took on a whole new meaning. People would wear anything to work, even their pajamas. In some cases, they were in pajamas because they just slept there. They were long working days too, so it wasn’t hard for me to decide to give up the morning grooming routine and sleep in a few more minutes. It’s not like I looked worse than any of my other co-workers.

Once I got out of the habit of makeup and started getting low-maintenance hairstyles, I kind of became addicted. I praised myself on my natural beauty, that fresh glow in my face, the not being able to even find my hair dryer.

It was a pretty easy segue into motherhood. I’d grown my hair out and was about to cut it off but I told my friend I would keep it long for her wedding so I could have a fancy updo (and who doesn’t love a fancy wedding updo?). We were trying to conceive and I thought that I would cut my hair as soon as I got pregnant. Well, the day after we got home from the wedding–a full weekend of drinking and having a good time–I realized why it seemed like my hangover just kept going on and on. It was time to get my hair cut.

Nowadays I rock the ultimate pixie cut and couldn’t be happier. I use a miniscule amount of shampoo and conditioner, finger-comb, and call it a day. And I don’t even really own a set of makeup these days so if I wanted to wear it I’d have to go out and buy some. I’m okay with some flaws or imperfections in my skin. I actually think I look pretty good without all of the maintenance. What about you?