Back to School

Since when did back to school begin in August?  Back when I was a kid I remember September being the start of the school year.  And I’m not talking about year round either, these kids are going back to school mid-august for a normal school year!  Not that I’m complaining much because I am definitely ready for the kids to be back in school, that Staples commercial with the parent singing and dancing “Its the most wonderful time… of the year” really does nail it on the head.  I mean, of course we love our kids, but boy is that break in the morning until early afternoon nice!

So with back to school that means back to school shopping.  When I was young and in private school that meant our one trip on “uniform day” to purchase our clothes for the year.  But my son attends public school AND is going into junior high, which means one thing and one thing only… shelling out loads of money in order for him to have the proper clothes and equipment to allow him to fit in and be one of the “in-crowd”.  If it was any other school year I would just go to Walmart and purchase some new shorts, t-shirts and call it a day.  But I really want him to get off on the right foot in middle school.  He’s already a bit on the nervous side, having to make new friends, a new campus, new teachers, so I think having him pick his new wardrobe will only boost his confidence.

The Trapper Keeper

My final concern with back to school is the question that no parent wants to think about.  To phone or not to phone.  We tried giving him a phone in 5th grade when he started riding his bike to school, after a $350 phone bill due to data transfer we took the privilege away, because lets face it, it IS a privilege, not a right.  But on the flip side, he now will have obligations after school, maybe study groups, or want to hang out at a friends house.  It would be nice to be able to communicate with him without having to drive over to the school.  Plus my best friend is a teacher there and says that virtually every kid has a phone.  Do I really want to make him the kid that doesn’t have a phone?

If there’s one thing for sure, I seriously believe we have it harder today being parents than our parents did when they were raising us.  My moms biggest concern was getting me the trapper keeper I wanted for back to school, certainly not deciding if unlimited text messaging is appropriate.

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