Party Planning

My son has decided he wants a birthday party at home. I tried to talk him into having it at the YMCA or one of the many bounce houses in the area. Nope. He wants all his friends to come to his house. The space I have is not that big but I’ll have to make it work. That’s what I get for giving him options!

I thought Rocky would want a Star Wars party so I had been gathering ideas for some time. Then he throws me a curve ball and declares he would like an Eloise at the Plaza party instead. What?!?? How do you build a boys birthday party around that theme? You can’t even find merchandise for that one, I’d have to make everything! Fortunately, I have since talked him into the general theme of space. No specific characters, just rockets and astronauts. Whew! Now the hard part of taking a somewhat limited space and turning it into a place appropriate for a wide range of kids aged 1-5. I’ve already got some ideas brewing but feel free to suggest some more!

I have to admit I was totally intimidated by the rocket cake my kid picked out of a book. Thought I might have a professional or even an amateur cake baker give it a go but they wanted nothing less than $60. Yikes. I have since found something simpler to try myself. Little kids really aren’t that hard to impress, right? I can always distract them with lots of balloons! Tune in next month for all the details.

Happy Thursday!

2 Responses

  1. When Big Cheese demanded a frog theme for her last birthday, I ran in to similar cake issues. I totally suggest a practice run. It made me feel way more confident when I did the real thing!

  2. Some super cute space party ideas here:
    I LOVE themed parties!

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