He's Got a Drinking Problem

So here’s something I’m going to throw out there for everyone–how do I teach Mouse to drink from an open cup? I’ve polled other parents about when their child started drinking from an open cup and heard anything from 12 months to 2 years. Mouse is 19 months and does perfectly fine with a sippy cup, but cannot handle his own open cup. If I take a cup and hold it to his lips, he’ll drink from it that way, but it doesn’t last long before he wants to hold it himself. Well, once it’s in his hands he tilts it all the way back like a sippy cup and ends up covered in water. Which is really fun! Let’s do it again! Alternately, he’ll take a small sip and then turn it upside-down onto his tray or the floor or whatever, which is also really fun! Let’s do it again! I then tried giving him a cup with a micro amount of water in it and that worked for a couple of swallows and then he’d dump it again.

Help me here, moms. Am I expecting too much? How do I help him learn this?